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article imageLavinia Ramirez is child Mozart in the making

By Melissa Horrocks     Jul 19, 2012 in Entertainment
With hands that are very small and fingers that span only a few keys at a time, Lavinia Ramirez is hailed as mini Mozart. Ramirez is only two years old and has to use a booster seat in order to reach the piano.
According to Mail Online, Ramirez has shocked professionals with her musical talent and even performed in public. Lavinia Ramirez only started mastering the keys, six weeks earlier, when she played, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" before an audience of 200. Britain's youngest piano playing child, Ramirez' talent is extraordinary for someone so young. Ramirez' teacher, Matej Lehocky has commented on the amazing talents of her student. Lehocky said, 'To play at her age is something extraordinary, something very special,' he said. 'Usually children that young are not able to control themselves or do what they are told. Normally they just run down the keys and get bored.'
Ramirez performed at a local church hall, on the outskirts of Plymouth. Mr Lehocky who studied at the highly respected, Prague Conservatory of Music and started playing the piano at the age of four, decided to train her after realizing how exceptionally gifted and bright she is.
Ramirez loves classical music and asks for Lehocky to play for her from time to time. Ramirez' favourite song is Bizet's Carmen. Ramirez is very mature for her age and it's hard to believe that she is only two years old. For a two year old she has exceptional hand eye coordination.
Matej Lehocky said that it is amazing that someone so young could play so well and that she is the best child pianist in the UK. Mozart was four when he first started playing a clavichord keyboard. However, Ramirez started when she was two and can play, "Old MacDonald" with two hands at once. Lehocky believes, that in three weeks time, she'll be able to sit a Grade One examination.
Ramirez' parent's do not play an instrument, but she developed her interest in music after getting a toy piano as a Christmas gift.
According to Daily News Ramirez understands and plays the piano with skills that older children usually show. Her gifts and talents are well beyond her years.
Ramirez from Devon, England, played at a Church Hall for Plymouth Piano School's end of term concert. Other people playing at the concert were around 10 years old with others in their 50s. Ramirez was definitely the youngest one playing at the concert, in front of a 200 crowd. When Lavinia received the toy piano at Christmas, her mother Jenna Ramirez asked her if she wanted to learn on a proper piano. After Lavinia agreed, her mother contacted Matej Lehocky. Lehocky who learned at Prague, has three diplomas in piano performance, composition and conducting.
Ramirez has the intelligence to follow instructions and is easy to work with.
Jenna said, "I don't know where Lavinia gets her brains from, she's more intelligent than me."
She continued, "I'd love to be able to play. She told me what a trapezium was the other day. I didn't know. The piano was her idea - she wanted to learn."
Ramirez is not pushed by her parents though. If she didn't want to play the piano, then her parent's would not push her into playing. Jenna has said that it is Lavinia's decision to study music.
According to NY Daily News Ramirez is currently receiving a lot of media attention. It is practically unheard of for a two year old to play the piano. Lehocky was even hesitant to teach her at first because she was so young.
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