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article imageOp-Ed: Top Missouri Democrat endorses 9/11 idiocy

By Alexander Baron     Jul 18, 2012 in Politics
Jefferson City - A leading Asian-American Missouri Democratic activist has endorsed some of the more extreme lunacy of 9/11 Truth. Don't expect him to win the nomination.
The word leading can mean many things, so can the word Democrat. A cynic might suggest this guy is actually a closet Republican. A conspiracy theorist might suggest he was paid to make these sort of rants in order to discredit the National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, if not the Democratic Party itself. Recently he claimed that 9/11 happened on a Jewish holiday, that no Jews died in the attacks, and that 9/11 was - you guessed it, an inside job. Although he made these claims some time ago, and has almost certainly held such beliefs for considerably longer, he has recently repeated them, and now they have turned up on the 12160 conspiracy website.
Three days ago he appeared on a radio programme where he was questioned by host Alan Klein. He tried to backtrack after a fashion but did not acquit himself well. Judge for yourself. If you want to hear him speak on something else, in particular why you should vote for him, check this out.
Would you believe Mr Alam's given name is Rabbi?
It is incredible that in this day and age people who aspire to high office can wallow in such ignorance. How much research does it take to check out and refute most of these ludicrous claims, and to expose the cranks who make them?
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