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Recap of PokerStars Micromillions II

By Alexander Baron     Jul 23, 2012 in Entertainment
London - The PokerStars Micromillions series is over, with SoyDelGlobo from Argentina walking away with a cool $157,218.68 from the main event.
This was the second Micromillions, and there will undoubtedly be many more. The buy-in for the main event - No Limit Hold 'Em (yawn) - was $22, but all the other events were less, considerably so. Your humble correspondent was awarded a free ticket for this. PokerStars has recently signed up Rafael Nadal, and ran a competition: make a 30 second video giving him your best advice for a free entry. I made my video in the local Internet caff, and the sound quality was terrible. I stand by the advice though:
Here is my top tip. A tennis grand slam is made up of a series of matches.
Each of those matches has a minimum of 3 sets.
Each of those sets has a minimum of 6 games.
Each of those games has a minimum of 4 points.
To bust out of a grand slam, you have to lose an absolute minimum of 72 points.
To bust out of a No Limit Hold 'Em tournament, you can lose just one hand.
Don't play No Limit Hold 'Em.
So how did I do in the main event? Not too good. We started with 10,000 chips a piece, and I couldn't get a hand, until the aces dropped. I made a big pre-flop raise, and everyone folded. A little later, I had pocket kings, and again raised big. There was a 3 rag flop topped by an 8. I didn't want anyone drawing or catching lucky, so whacked it all in. One player called, and I knew I was beat. Sure enough, he had a set of 8s. Bye, bye Alexander, but what's a guy to do? Seriously, don't play No Limit Hold 'Em unless you get a free entry, as I did, then it is not gambling.
Obviously I was disappointed not to have capitalised on my free ticket, but I wasn't that disappointed, as the same evening I finished third in a stud tournament on Party Poker. See the screengrabs above and immediately below.
Also, I did okay the previous night. entering two events and cashing in both. The first was the $3 + 30c Limit Hold 'Em, Turbo. I didn't realise it was turbo, or I wouldn't have bothered. I finished 884th out of 8347 runners and picked up $6.07, as usual put out by a retard who raised with garbage. All the more horrendous as I made a set of 5s only for him to suck out with a wheel.
The second event that night was a lot better; unfortunately, it didn't start until 23.30 local time, and kept me up until nearly 5am. This was the Limit Omaha Hi Lo, same buy-in, 2906 runners, 378 places paid. At 03.35 I won an amazing 3 handed pot with AK high and no low hand, which shows how loose some of these muppets play, muppets being the operative word.
I finished 50th winning $27.60. Even if I had not cashed in either of these tournaments, this would have been cheap entertainment, which is the only way for any reasonably intelligent person to view the game of poker. It's a pity no one told me that when I was 19.
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