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article imageStudy says there may be no benefits to using marijuana medically

By Marcus Hondro     Jul 18, 2012 in Health
Proponents of the use of marijuana for medical reasons won't like nor agree with it, but a new study claims that using marijuana for medical reasons is of little or no value. The claim is from a University of Arizona study.
Published Tues., July 17th, 2012 by the Arizona Department of Health Services, it is a study which examined other studies, and the researchers say they found there's no evidence using marijuana helps and specifically it does not help for any of the four medical conditions that proponents say it provides relief from: anxiety, migraines, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There is a movement in Arizona to get the government to allow the medical marijuana program in that state to expand and allow usage for those four conditions.
Medical Marijuana in Arizona
The health department in the state is looking at the issue of expansion of their medical marijuana program and say they want to base their decision on what they determine to be fact, not on what patients using medical marijuana claim. "The key question for us is: Do the benefits outweigh the risks?" the state's health director, Will Humble, said. "And there's just not that much research in this area to help form our policy decisions."
As reported in Arizona, the UA researchers "reviewed dozens of scientific studies related to marijuana use for the four medical conditions, and determined that most of the research was of little value in weighing the medicinal risks and benefits." The UA researchers, contracted by the health department, say they only found studies "of low or very low quality."
They say there needs to be more studies and the health department agrees, as do proponents of medical marijuana, who say proper studies would show the drug is of benefit to patients. Humble, who works with Republican Governor Jan Brewer, opposed to medical marijuana, was not able to say what his decision will be with regard to the state's medical marijuana program and expansion, but that his goal was "to look at evidence and make a responsible decision."
He did not detail what further evidence he may be looking at.
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