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Video: Bystanders ignore dying accident victim as they get on bus

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 18, 2012 in Lifestyle
Arlington - Arlington County Police Department, Virginia, released a disturbing clip from a bus that stopped at the scene of a fatal pedestrian accident. The video shows bystanders ignoring the dying man by the roadside as they hurried to catch the bus.
WTOP reports the video was taken in the evening of July 1. The dying man lying on the sidewalk, whose body is blurred, was hit minutes earlier by a car on "Columbia Pike near the intersection with Four Mile Run Drive." According to Fox 8, police in Arlington released the video showing several bystanders as they walk past the body and board a bus.
The incident happened during a power outage in the area.
When the bus stopped, passengers ignored the body as they climbed into the bus. Some paused to look and appeared disturbed at the sight, but nobody tried to help the man who appeared to be dead or dying.
The video shows a woman carrying shopping bags walk past the man without a pause, as though she had seen nothing. The video shows a young man crossing himself as he climbed into the bus.
Police say they have released the video in the effort to get witnesses to step forward. According to the police, the intent is not to charge anyone appearing in the video. They only want a witness who can give an account of what happened. Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck, said: “The intent is solely to get these witnesses to... assist police in the reconstruction of what happened that night. The intent is not to say these individuals are accountable for anything."
Sternbeck said the driver of car that hit the man "has been very cooperative." He said the case is still being investigated and charges may still be filed against the driver.
Viewers of the YouTube video have expressed their feelings about the incident.
Crazykelly63 comenting on MSN Now, says:
"This is the true heart of humans; Humans are the cruelest beings when it comes to other humans. If that was a dog or cat just about every person would stopped and tried to help."
Boneyard3x6 relates his experience:
"I took my wife & son to dinner a couple of weeks ago & there was an old homeless man in a wheelchair taking up one of the parking spaces. Nobody was talking to him & I thought he may be dead or asleep.... I was carrying leftovers... I felt uneasy about approaching him, but I did anyway & he graciously accepted the food I gave him. Nobody would have cared about him unless he died, then they'd be on their cell phones taking pictures & calling some 'authority' to come clean up the mess... The social model we live in has made us this way..."
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