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article imageVideo: Barack, Michelle smooch on 'Kiss Cam' 2nd time around

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 17, 2012 in Lifestyle
The First Couple were attending the pre-Olympic exhibition basketball game between the U.S. and Brazil at the Verizon Center in Washington when the "Kiss Cam" focused on them during a break in the action.
When the image of of the First Couple appeared on the screen, the crowd began cheering expecting that the president would kiss his wife, but Obama only put his hand around her and smiled.
The crowd was disappointed and booed.
But later in the game the Kiss Cam gave him a second chance. The Christian Science Monitor imagines David Axelrod screaming down a phone at a Verizon Center Official ordering him to give POTUS a second chance with FLOTUS or he would "learn the true meaning of 'outsourced job.'"
Whatever happened, Obama got his second chance and he gave Michelle the big kiss she deserves, with an extra on the forehead.
Now the crowd cheered. And was the crowd chanting "four more years," or "four more beers"?
But why did Obama miss the first chance?
LA Times writes that Obama missed the first chance because Michelle refused his advances. News Day reports that Michelle was seen shaking her head, meaning "no." But White House spokesman Josh Earnest vehemently denies this story.
Some say they simply did not want to participate in the "Kiss Cam" thing.
Again, The Christian Science Monitor suggests three other possible reasons:
1.) Obama was waiting for the political analysts' data to decide whether kissing Michelle would give him a surge at the polls.
2.) What's a "Kiss Cam?" POTUS was clueless. He didn't know he was supposed to kiss his wife when the "Kiss Cam" focused on them. According to the CS Monitor, he probably said to Michelle when he saw the camera focusing on them: “Wow, Michelle, look at how bright that screen is – and now they’re showing us? Why are we appearing inside a heart-shaped graphic?”
LA Times says White House spokesman Josh Earnest, promotes this theory: The First Couple did not realize it was the Kiss Cam that they were on, and it took some coaching from Malia to fix things.
3.) The final and possibly most likely reason: Obama's been married so long to Michelle that they light the candles at dinner table only when there is a power outage.
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