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article imageReview: The resort Eilat, Israel's national and international treasure Special

By Lesley Lanir     Jul 16, 2012 in Travel
Eilat - Israel's holiday resort of Eilat is known for snorkeling and scuba diving. Its low humidity, 1 inch of annual rainfall and pleasant climes of between 60F-85F in winter, spring and autumn, make Eilat the perfect sporting venue and holiday destination.
Eilat, Israel’s southern most holiday resort nestles on the shores of the Red Sea between the Jordanian city port of Aqaba and the Sinai mountains of Egypt.
The resort sits in a savannah desert and the Syrian African Rift Valley from which the Red Sea and the high Mountains of Eilat were formed. The desert stretches north from the city
and jagged burgundy mountain peaks, interspersed with tawny sandstone outcrops, hug the western city limits.
Due to its dry, hot, predictable climate, calm blue sea, coral reef and desert scenery, Eilat is a popular holiday choice for Israelis.
Israel s Red Sea resort Eilat
Israel's Red Sea resort Eilat
Its shopping boulevards,
high class restaurants, entertainment, and quality hotels, attract thousands of international tourists annually.
The surrounding areas of Eilat may be called ‘desert’ but they are full of unique rich scenery and flora and fauna and the visitor can enjoy amazing hikes up and over mountains and clamber through winding valleys to reach breathtaking views over the Red Sea and into the Sinai.
Part of the border between Israel and the Sinai Peninsular.
Part of the border between Israel and the Sinai Peninsular.
Visitors to Eilat will take pleasure in sailing, snorkeling and diving around the beautiful coral reef
and enjoy the region’s contrasting landscapes, where every hour provides new spectacular changes in scenery.
You can enjoy Eilat's natural gifts from sunrise through
to sunset.
A view of Eilat in Israel
A view of Eilat in Israel
For more information about Eilat, read here and here.
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