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article imageVideo: 'Bedridden' man gets up after sympathetic judge frees him

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 15, 2012 in Odd News
There was laughter in a Broward court when a Florida man released from jail on $50 bail after he told the judge he was "bedridden for the rest of this life," got up and walked nimbly out of the court.
According to the Daily Mail, Carl Funk, 58, appeared before Broward Judge John "Jay" Hurley via jailhouse-courtroom video link. He was arrested on a five-year-old warrant for trespassing and having an open container of alcohol. He told the judge he could not afford the initial $100 bail because he was permanently bedridden.
He looked genuinely invalid as two officers supported him by the arm and led him to the chair at the North Broward Detention Center in South Florida, Friday.
The Sun-Sentinel reports he was found trespassing on private property in South Ocean Drive.
According to the Sun-Sentinel, Funk told Judge John Hurley via video conference from the North Broward Detention Center in South Florida: "I am disabled and it's really a problem for me to move around. I really need to be in my bed and that's where I'll be for the rest of my life."
The judge wanted to know how Funk was found trespassing with beer in his hand five years ago if he was actually bedridden. The Judge said: "It didn't look like you were in bed at that time."
Funk answered: "I was [dragged] out by two unknown people." He also said he had no recollection of holding an open container of alcohol. He said: "I plead not guilty, Your Honor, it wasn't in my hand."
Judge Hurley did not find Funk's explanation convincing but he was sympathetic when Funk told him he could not afford $100 bail. The judge reduced the bail to $50 and gave him the option to pay it in instalments over 6 months if Funk would plead guilty to the charge against him.
Funk agreed and the judge ordered his release.
Immediately, Funk sprang to his feet and walked briskly away. The judge did not see Funk when he sprang to his feet and walked away. He was reviewing paper work on his desk for the next case. He looked up when the courtroom burst into laughter.
He was surprised that the man left so quickly. He asked: "Did he get out of the chair and walk? He's been cured!"
Then he addressed Funk although he was no longer in the room, saying: "Sir, you're supposed to wait until you're off camera to get up and do somersaults, alright?"
According to the Sun-Sentinel, Carl Funk, 58, of Hallandale Beach was released from the North Broward Detention Center in Pompano Beach on Friday the 13th.
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