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Op-Ed: WW II living history comes to Sully Historic Site in Virginia Special

By Leigh Goessl     Jul 16, 2012 in Travel
Chantilly - On July 14 and 15, Sully Historic Site's annual World War II Living History event took place in Chantilly, Va. Visitors were able to catch a realistic glimpse of what life was like for soldiers during WW II.
World War II Weekend is an annual event at Sully. During the weekend visitors see and experience reenactments of war time both on the battlefield and on the home front as well.
Troops from both Axis and Allies armies are represented and their camps are scattered throughout Sully Plantation, complete with uniforms and many artifacts from the WWII era.
Walking through Sully, visitors can stop at various camps and ask the living history reenactors questions, watch various demonstrations and get a keen view of life during World War II.
Saturday's events included several demonstrations, including numerous weapons, two paratrooopers' reenactments, a Halfrack demo and Cavalry demonstration.
Other events included live music from the 1940s, games and crafts for kids, an exhibit on v-mail and a kitchen demonstration that focused on rationing and the alternate ways people cooked in order to make do without the supplies they were accustomed to, to name a few.
Sully Historic Site is a Virginia Landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The property was slated to be demolished in the 1950s in order to expand the Dulles Airport, but was saved by an act of Congress and President Eisenhower's signature. Today throughout the year visitors can tour the home and/or visit during one of the numerous family-friendly themed events that occur throughout the year.
Over the 2011 holidays, Digital Journal also attended one of Sully's four specially-themed Candlelight Tours. To find out what events are happening at Sully, the site maintains a calendar of events.
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