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article imageShe will snuggle up with you for $60 an hour

By Ajit Jha     Jul 14, 2012 in Business
Penfiled, NY – Hail! The latest profession in the globalization era is up and kicking. In the lonely world that we live in, most of us are surely deprived of the real human touch that we may not remember our nanny or nurse ever gave.
The vacuum in your adult life could be filled up by a professional cuddler. Meet 29 year-old Jackie Samuel, a professional cuddler with the promise to give you back your smile and health, all for $60 an hour. Be aware! Like a true professional, she draws a line between cuddling and sex. If you can’t help your sexual arousal, that is fine.
A western New York native who was Jackie Samuel’s client vouchsafes numerous health benefits of snuggery: “You feel more calm for days after wards. It has numerous health benefits”.
Jackie believes in “the healing power of touch” and goes on to claim that “science has unquestionably supported the psychological and physical benefits of non-sexual touch”. According to her, this is what most Americans lack, while she is there to attend the most intimate and private needs of every one. She aims to make “the world a gentler place, one snuggle at a time” at her own business precinct, “THE SNUGGERY”.
Jackie Samuel, a University of Rochester graduate has neither certification nor qualification to start her cuddling business. “I thought I need to kind of validate my position. I need some kind of certification or license to show I’m a qualified cuddler, but I couldn’t find anybody else who was doing what I was doing,” she says. Undeterred, she plunged into her newly found passion transforming it into a profession. Now an expert in “cuddle sutra”, Jackie has reportedly mastered the 100 non-sexual cuddling positions.
Defending her uncertified status, she claims, “I would hope it’s something everybody knows how to do. I just think we kind of lose interest or the drive in our society.”
Having recently started the cuddling business, she has only few clients as she builds her business, while she sells real estate in the meantime.
This is the kind of business that is bound to be interpreted in diverse ways. Some one like, Jon Anthony, for example, would want to see her picture before gauging his interest in her. There are others like Seven Santana who blame it on our current state of economy: “I’m not surprised. With our economy the way it have to be creative and come up with your own way to make money. Good for her!”
However, the snuggery business may not be unique and original after all, for Genoise claims: “I've been in the business for 20+ years. It's called Motherhood.”
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