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article imageOp-Ed: March against cuts, abuse of power & police repression (video) Special

By Anne Sewell     Jul 14, 2012 in World
The people of Málaga, Spain made themselves heard last night, as they marched in support of the coal miners, against the recent cuts, and against police abuse of power and repression.
Digital Journal recently reported on the coal miners from Northern Spain, who marched to Madrid to protest the budget cuts to the mining sector, which will effectively take away 38,000 jobs in the industry.
While the coal miners were demonstrating peacefully in Madrid, the government announced its latest austerity measures, including increases in VAT, which will push prices up generally throughout the country. The people simply cannot afford this. With 25% of Spaniards out of work, the new measures also reduce unemployment benefits. 50% of young Spaniards, most of whom have never been able to find a job, will get nothing.
Malaga  Spain: July 13  2012 - supporting the coal miners of northern Spain.
Malaga, Spain: July 13, 2012 - supporting the coal miners of northern Spain.
The general public and members of the 15m movement joined the coal miners in their protest on the streets of Madrid. Without provocation, the police fired rubber bullets, injuring 76 people, including an 11-year-old girl.
Because of this, a general call was made for people to march in all major cities in Spain on Friday night. Protesting in support of the beleaguered coal miners, protesting the government's latest cuts which effectively end any semblance of a welfare state, and protesting the violence of the police officers against peaceful protesters.
Malaga  Spain: July 13  2012 - City mobilization  against the cuts  the abuse of power and the repre...
Malaga, Spain: July 13, 2012 - City mobilization, against the cuts, the abuse of power and the repression.
As can be seen in the photo below, the people are also angry at a video, which has been circulated widely, of PP Deputy, Andrea Fabra. When Prime Minister Rajoy made his announcements of the latest austerity measures, Fabra was seen to first applaud, then yell "¡que se jodan!", which basically says "F*ck them all", referring to the unemployed and suffering people of her own country. Always great to hear that your government cares so much for you.
Malaga  Spain: July 13  2012
 F*ck you Fabra  - referring to a video seen widely of Andrea Fabra (PP...
Malaga, Spain: July 13, 2012 "F*ck you Fabra" - referring to a video seen widely of Andrea Fabra (PP Deputy) clapping and yelling "F*ck them all!" after Mariano Rajoy announced the new measures.
In Málaga, a couple of thousand people met in the Plaza de la Constitución, mostly dressed in black, and some wearing miner's helmets and lights (in solidarity with the coal miners).
Malaga  Spain: July 13  2012 - in the Plaza.
Malaga, Spain: July 13, 2012 - in the Plaza.
They started a march around the city to the offices of the ruling party, the Partido Popular (or as I now call it, the "Partido Impopular", as there is nothing popular about this party these days!)
Malaga  Spain: July 13  2012 - PP headquarters in Malaga
Malaga, Spain: July 13, 2012 - PP headquarters in Malaga
The idea was to throw a few eggs, but unfortunately the offices of the PP were carefully surrounded by several National Police vehicles and men.
Malaga  Spain: July 13  2012: PP offices  police presence.
Malaga, Spain: July 13, 2012: PP offices, police presence.
All along the way, loud chants were heard against the politicians and bankers. Insults and accusations were hurled at several banks and expensive department stores that we passed, and loud firecrackers were occasionally thrown. People watching us from hotel and apartment balconies were told, "Don't watch us! Join us!"
The evening ended back in the Plaza de la Constitución, with inspiring speeches by various members.
Meanwhile in Madrid, protesters clashed with riot police outside the Partido Popular offices of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. One person suffered a broken nose and several arrests were made.
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