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article imageTopFinds: Piranhas attacking testicles, war on drugs a 'failure'

By David Silverberg     Jul 13, 2012 in Internet
A strange variety of piranha fish are castrating men in Papua New Guinea. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie calls the war on drugs a "failure." What's a film critic's take on Oliver Stone's Savages? These are the top stories from across the world.
As we do every week, we've collected the top news stories and compiled them on one page. Digital Journalists reported on pet news, informative sports updates, the latest on Costa Concordia and much more.
We also highlight some of major topics Digital Journalists have been covering recently. Note you can see the trending topics at the top of any page on our news network, in the black bar. They are changing constantly to react to what people are reading on the site. We wanted to include this feature to let you know the topics people want to read about on Digital Journal.

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Top Digital Journal Reports

Costa Concordia filmmaker says ship part of Giglio's 'daily life' (Includes interview) by Marcus Hondro
Bo de Visser, the head of a Dutch film company, Prorama Films, making a time-lapse movie on the Costa Concordia, visited the island of Giglio for the third time last week and reports "life is going on" with the massive liner in the background.
Review: 'Savages' fails to return director to native success (Includes first-hand account) by Sarah Gopaul
'Savages' is an ultra-violent and beautifully stylized film about killing for the ones you love that falls flat in its ability to tell a decent story.
Screenshot from the film Savages
Screenshot from the film Savages
Universal Pictures
Anchor Hassan 'Karate' slams media blockade in Ethiopia (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Farid Abdulhamid
According to rights groups, the persistent persecution of journalists in Ethiopia is appalling as many journalists rot in jail while draconian laws muzzle free press and curtail political dissent.
Op-Ed: Dad homeless in Spain — Seeking Richard Burke (Includes first-hand account) by Anne Sewell
In the current economic climate, it turns out it is extremely easy to become homeless within a few weeks. First you lose your job, then you lose your home.
Interview with Paul Berry, Founder of RebelMouse (Includes interview) by Cendrine Marrouat
RebelMouse is a visual publishing platform that aggregates a user's Facebook and Twitter streams to create a personal hub page. Meet Paul Berry, its founder, in this exclusive interview.

Top Images

photos from the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawalla  Sri Lanka
photos from the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawalla, Sri Lanka
Egypt s Desert
Egypt's Desert

In the Media

Inquiry begins into Mountie who posed for sex-torture pictures by Arthur Weinreb
Although the photos came to the attention of the Officer in Charge of the Coquitlam Detachment in December 2010, no action was taken until now.
'UFO' at bottom of Baltic Sea may be Nazi anti-submarine device by JohnThomas Didymus
A former Swedish naval oficer and World War II expert Anders Autellus has said that sonar scans suggest that the "UFO" at the bottom of the Baltic Ocean could be part of a World War II Nazi anti-submarine device.
450,000 Yahoo passwords leaked — How to check if you are affected by JohnThomas Didymus
Yahoo Inc. said Thursday it is investigating a security breach. Although Yahoo, at first, did not disclose the size of the alleged breach, a group of hackers calling themselves D33D Company said they have posted online more than 450,000 login credentials.
World's heaviest woman sheds 98 lbs with seven-times-a-day sex by JohnThomas Didymus
Pauline Potter, Guinness Book of World Record's heaviest living woman, weighing 643 lbs, turned to seven-times-a-day marathon sex sessions with her ex-husband to help shed 98 pounds.
Friends of Chris Brahney ask people to leave Facebook group by Mathew Wace Peck
Out of respect to the family of the late Christopher Brahney, his friends have asked all members to leave the Facebook page that was set up to help find him.
Op-Ed: Final hours for Northern Ireland dog sentenced to be destroyed by Elizabeth Batt
With mass protests both online and at the British Consulate in New York City, confusion ruled the day in the case of Lennox, and time is running out for the Labrador/Bulldog sentenced to be destroyed in Northern Ireland under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
Op-Ed: Boldly narrowing the list of goalies Maple Leafs could get - to 4 by Marcus Hondro
Let us forget about providing links and not bother with a quote and accept as fact that Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has stated unequivocally his team will acquire a veteran goalie. Both he and Dave Nonis have said as much, and that is that.
New Jersey governor Chris Christie
New Jersey governor Chris Christie
Bob Jagendorf/Wikipedia
NJ Governor Chris Christie calls war on drugs a 'failure' by Brett Wilkins
New Jersey's Republican governor has joined a long and growing list of politicians from both sides of the political aisle in slamming the 40-year war on drugs as a failure.
What's in the Big Mac? McDonald's executive chef shows viewers by Andrew Moran
As part of a series of a McDonald's advertising campaign, the fast food juggernaut answered the latest question: what's inside the secret sauce of the Big Mac?
Woman accused of adultery publicly executed in Afghanistan by Darren Weir
A man believed to be a member of the Taliban shot and killed a woman accused of adultery in front of a cheering crowd near the Afghan capital of Kabul.
Op-Ed: Canadians Join Lawyers for Ron Paul Federal Lawsuit Against GOP by Mindy Allan
Lawyers for Ron Paul (LRP) file lawsuit against Republican GOP party that could be as explosive as the global banking fraud. Lawyers for Ron Paul believe they can present evidence of fraud used to favor Mitt Romney.
Lennox the dog to die Monday — British boxing champ asks 'why?' by Elizabeth Batt
Despite the offer of a home from dog trainer and specialist Victoria Stilwell, Lennox the dog is scheduled to be destroyed on Monday. It's a move that even has former world boxing champ Lennox Lewis asking "why?"
Testicle-eating piranha-like fish found in Lake Lou Yaeger by Elizabeth Batt
A fish with 'teeth like human molars' caught in Lake Lou Yaeger on June 7 by a fisherman, has been identified as a pacu, a fish related to the piranha. The fish has caused big problems in Papua New Guinea, after castrating and killing two men.
Trade talk: Roberto Luongo brings Chicago Blackhawks into play by Marcus Hondro
Fans will decide for themselves if Roberto Luongo opened the door to a trade to the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday, but arguably he did. It's a destination that pundits have all but ruled out - at least until now.
NHL goalie Roberto Luongo
NHL goalie Roberto Luongo
Photo by Matt Boulton

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