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article imageVideo: Watch scary 'Close call with great white shark'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 13, 2012 in Environment
Dunsborough - Watch this amazing footage of a hair-raising encounter with a great white shark off the coast of Western Australia. The men described their experience as "life changing," and still cannot understand how they escaped.
According to Yahoo! the men were out at sea to free-dive and spear fish. The scary encounter occurred about 3.5 kilometers off the coast of Dunsborough, 250km, south of Perth. The men, Nathan Podmore and Dave Richards, were swimming in water about 50 yards from their boat, reports.
They had been in the water for a while when they noticed the 10-ft shark stalking them. Yahoo! notes that though the men did not notice the shark for some time, the video camera strapped to Podmore had captured it. According to MSN Now, Podmore shot the incident with a head-mounted camera.
Richards said: "Nathan was on the top of the water getting ready to go down and I felt something moving behind me. I turned around and all I saw was the back section of the shark. Mate, it was a metre away. My heart sank and I just tried to get Nathan's attention."
Podmore said: "I'd just got into the water and I hadn't shot a fish or anything and there she was. She was probably there 25 seconds before we even knew she was there - the video shows it."
Podmore continued: "As soon as Dave screamed my name out and I was face-to-face I knew it was a great white. There's nothing in the water that looks like that. You think back now and wonder what if? Oh, mate, it was goosebumps. It was indescribable."
The men swam toward their boat. At a point, the shark moved between them and the boat. They were armed with spear guns. Podmore said: "She made a couple of passes and followed us back. People might say shoot it, but I think it would only bounce off and piss her off. We jabbed her a couple of times when she came too close for comfort."
The video shows the shark approach the men, "coming too close for comfort." One of the men pokes it with his spear. The spearhead sinks into the side of the shark, but it does not pierce the shark's skin.
After the poke, the shark decides the men are not easy prey and moves away, leaving the men to dash for their boat.
Richards said: "We got lucky and got away with it. There were other guys diving not far away so we had to go and get them out of the water."
Yahoo! reports that the close encounter has not doused the men's enthusiasm for the sea. Podmore said: "I know the risks I take when I jump in. I have enormous respect for the ocean."
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