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article imageMen, if you love your testicles you'll ditch the tight jeans

By Darren Weir     Jul 13, 2012 in Health
The fashion trend for tight jeans on men seems to be taking its toll, everything from low sperm counts to twisted testicles... and that's gonna hurt.
A headline in the Daily Mail claims "tight jeans are bad for your privates!" Doctors say there's a growing number of young men suffering painful testicular problems because of their penchant for wearing crotch hugging pants, everything from twisted testicles to bladder weakness and urinary tract infections.
TV Doctor Hilary Jones, who's doing a study for TENA, a line of products to treat incontinence and bladder weakness, tells The Daily Mail, "I have seen several cases of men who have twisted their testicles due to wearing jeans that are far too tight. My advice would be to make sure you leave plenty of room around the groin area and that your pants and trousers feel comfortable so you’re not being restricted in any way." She adds, "Wearing tight-fitting clothing over a prolonged period of time can lead to urinary tract infections leading to over-activity of the bladder - a type of bladder weakness as well as a low sperm count and fungal infections." "Please don’t put style before health."
And if you think a little pain is still worth looking good, consider this. It seems your skinny jeans can actually prevent the spermatic cord from moving freely, which causes it to twist which leads to testicular torsion which cuts off the blood supply. And that can require immediate surgery to prevent gangrene from setting in... and we all know what that can mean. The National Institutes of Health in the US says, if you have surgery within 6 hours of feeling the symptoms; severe pain in one testicle, nausea and light-headedness, most cojones can be saved.
The study for TENA interviewed 2,000 British men and found about 30% of the men admitted they suffered discomfort from tight jeans. But 1 in 10 men suffered something a little more serious, a quarter of them reported bladder troubles while 1 in 5 suffered a twisted testicle. More than a third of those asked, say they don't even know their correct size.
Skin tight jeans are not a new fashion phenomenon, they've been around for decades. Pop and rock stars like Mick Jagger and David Bowie poured themselves into their pants. As a teen I remember having to lay down on the floor, sucking it all in just to get the fly up. But now it turns out some of us were just lucky. So the best advice, if you want to protect your gonads, you'll think twice before squeezing yourself into your trousers.
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