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article imageOp-Ed: Are UFO's fact or fiction?

By Melissa Horrocks     Jul 12, 2012 in Odd News
Tony Blair was briefed about UFO sightings in a new report that has been placed in The National Archives. This new information could change the way people view UFO sightings.
Government UFO files have been lost. According to BBC News Prime Minister, Tony Blair was briefed on the UK's files about UFO sightings in 1998, new declassified MoD documents reveal.
Nick Redfern urged Blair to consider allowing the public to see the truth about the government UFO files. The government recently started to implement Freedom of Information requests.
There are around 6,700 pages of UFO files that have been released by the National Archives.
The files also include information about a briefing made before a House of Lords debate on UFOs in 1979. In fact, John Major was asked by a fellow MP in 1996, if the government were going to start a national inquiry to gather more details about the UFO sightings.
Tony Blair was so worried about details of extra-terrestrials that he was fully briefed about UFOs from the Ministry of Defence. Blair was briefed about the possibility of an alien cover-up. The Mail Online reports that a policeman observed a yellow object at the FA Cup quarter final in 1999. A West Wales hotelier spotted a UFO land and silver suited 'humanoids' get out. A UFO expert suggested that The London Olympics is the type of event where UFOs will appear.
The Sun reports that one intelligence officer, working on the UFO desk sent an email explaining that it is not the MoD's position to confirm or deny the possibility of aliens, but to decipher whether UFOs are posing a threat to Britain's security. However, he denies that there are any Top Secret teams of expert scientists rushing around the country in a real life X Files.
Personally I still think, the government is staging these alien sightings or that someone has special knowledge of a new technology that they are testing out. Another theory that has crossed my mind before is that these sightings are actually demonic and that the aliens are in fact, demons in disguise. Angels can appear to humans, so why can't demons?
In fact, I had my own experience of a UFO sighting when I was in America at the young age of 18. I was doing a summer camp for special needs in The Catskill Mountains. I was sat on the porch of the cabin when a shining, bright light, brighter than any star or indeed, anything I had ever seen before came flying by. It was quicker than anything I had ever experienced and silent too. It was almost like a cloud, but bigger and brighter. It raced across the sky, stopped in the middle of the sky and then, raced off. It was the strangest thing that I've ever experienced and there was no logical explanation for it. Although we were near a government testing sight. Could it have been the government testing out a new form of transport? Could these UFOs perhaps be transport of the future? Aimed to help out during times of war. I'm no skeptic, but I think sometimes there's a logical explanation. As for sightings of aliens, I think these could be demons. What do you think?
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