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article imageTwins are born prematurely in different countries

By Melissa Horrocks     Jul 9, 2012 in Health
Brother and sister, Dylan and Hannah are born an hour apart, in different countries. Dylan was born at home and Hannah was born in hospital.
Twins Dylan and Hannah were born in different countries. Whilst Dylan was born in England, Hannah was born in Scotland less than two hours apart.
Donna Keenan who is 28 years old, gave birth to Dylan Joseph at 22.00 BST on 1st July at home, in Wooler. She was then driven 40 miles by ambulance to Borders General Hospital in Melrose, Scotland. Hannah Rose was born at 23:39 BST.
Due to the different locations, the children have different nationalities. Miss Keenan had been sent home after the hospital completed a routine examination. Keenan and her boyfriend, Joe Fox, 24 were enjoying watching the Euro 2012 final football tournament when she went into labour according to BBC News.
The twins will grow up together, sharing the same birthday, but not the same nationality. The twins were premature which meant they had to be taken to hospital which was over the border, in Scotland. Hannah was the last twin to be born, at an hour and forty minutes apart. The parents are still trying to get to grips with their child's different nationalities.
Keenan has been trying to buy an England babygro for Dylan and a Scotland babygro for Hannah. Keenan was not due for another four weeks, but the twins decided to surprise their mother and came earlier.
Donna Keenan and Joe Fox are proud parents. Dylan Joseph Fox weighed 5lb 13oz. and Hannah, weighed 4lb 14.5oz. Both twins were born healthy apart from Dylan being born on the living room floor at around 10pm. The medics were concerned because the twins were so premature. They made the decision to transport Keenan to hospital, for the birth of her second child, Hannah reports the Mail Online.
According to the Daily Record, the journey across the border took an hour. The night the twins made their entrance still seems a blur for the parents who are trying to come to terms with the shock of it. Donna was relaxing at Joe's mum Evis and dad Anthony in Wooler, Northumberland when her labour started. Joe and Donna already have a daughter, Jessica who is two and a half, she took 30 hours to arrive. Obviously, the couple did not expect the twins to arrive so quickly.
At about 8 p.m, Donna started feeling a little strange and her waters broke. She phoned the hospital who told her to immediately come in, but there was not enough time. The parents called the paramedics, but they told her to get ready for giving birth on the living room floor.
Joe, who works at a caravan park, said: “We knew that they were going to be born in different countries, but there was also a chance they’d be born on different days because it was so late.
“I joked to Donna that she should hold on as long as possible, but only mentioned it once. I don’t think it went down too well!”
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