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article imagePoll reveals Iranians want nuclear programme stopped

By Eko Armunanto     Jul 9, 2012 in World
The Iranian nuclear program had recently been posted as the subject of an online opinion poll, and the result indicated that most Iranians don't want the program anymore due to the tight Western sanctions.
The poll was made online by the state's news network (IRINN) and revealed that 63% of the respondents selected the option for "the suspension of uranium enrichment in exchange for gradual lifting of sanctions" (BBC). The poll was said to support the claim of Iranian leaders that the whole nation is behind the nuclear program.
IRINN television conducted the poll that asked "Which way do you prefer to confront the unilateral sanctions of the West against Iran?", but that was quickly switched then to another poll seeking viewers' opinions on the closing of the Strait of Hormuz, after discovering the surprising results.(Telegraph). But the next poll showed only 19% of respondents support the closing of the strait to retaliate against western sanctions, in addition to only 18% who oppose unilateral sanctions in order to safeguard Iran's nuclear rights.
CNN said that the West had supported the controversial program by giving them aid 50 years ago, but now Israel, the United States and IAEA ( International Atomic Energy Agency), including some Western countries, are concerned that Iran wants the nuclear program to produce weapons of mass destruction.
The explanation made by the Iranian government was that the views of all or even the majority of the people of Iran cannot be reflected by the poll result. The pro-government news producers, attacked the credibility of the poll, blaming foreigners for interfering in its results.
When the poll numbers reached 63% it was cancelled immediatly by IRINN with no explanation at all. Then on Wednesday the public relations office of the network issued a statement claiming that someone had hacked the website and the actual respondents who favoured the suspension of uranium was no more than 24%.
Rather than the debate on that contradictory result, the most important fact is that it's impossible to publish the poll without senior management at the network knowing about it. This kind of fact may be interpreted many ways but at least one question remains, whether the claim of the Iranian leader is true or only a part of an international bargaining chip due to the Western sanctions.
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