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article imageReview: UK Soap Coronation Street — Pretentious? Moi?

By Jane Reynolds     Jul 9, 2012 in Entertainment
A 'sideways' review of the latest goings-on in Coronation Street, the popular British Soap Opera.
This post looks at episodes broadcast in the UK 2nd-6th July 2012
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
Lloyd & Steve got into trouble. Faye's troubled and Simon's troubling me.
"Pretentious, Moi?" is favourite-ever line from Fawlty Towers, and those were the words that came into my head as Simon spoke his line about not eating anything with goat's cheese on it.
He's a marvellous little actor with a great future ahead of him, BUT …
I've wanted to mention it for a few week and haven't, but after the goat's cheese thing I just have to say that I think he's getting a weeny bit too big for his boots. Don't get me wrong: I love Simon to bits, but a child just wouldn't be able to think of some of those witty one-liners he comes out with.
I say, I say, I say
Simon doesn't write his part, but he acts it, and – if you watch him – you can see that he's increasingly champing at the bit to say his lines; is reacting slightly too early in his eagerness to amaze the grown-ups with his witty repartee, and has a smug little 'Aren't I great?' look on his face when he does.
He'll grow out of that. Bless him, he's only young, and it's understandable that all the praise he gets might just go to his head, but maybe he just needs a few more 'normal' child lines instead of 'Top of the bill stand-up comedian' ones?
Manners, lad
He was naughty to totally blank Carla at his party and not even thank her for the present or say goodbye to her as he left. Leanne should have made him say thank you. My mum always reminded me about my manners if ever I forgot when I was his age.
In Simon's defence though, goat's cheese pizzas, hummus and olives wouldn't be top of most children's list of top party foods, and THAT'S why Carla would never make a good mother.
Carla might have got the food wrong, but she'd certainly tried to look the part with the 'yummy mummy' blouse. No, I'm sorry; some things are just wrong, and Carla in a floral print is one of them! It looked as wrong on her as a smile on Curse-ty's face (oh, God, she was back this week).
Peter's rational phase isn't going to last much longer, is it? You can feel the tension rising, and we all know it's coming to a head next week.
Come on Carla fans, be brave. It's only four months …
The Dream Team's back together!
Still, this is Soapland and it's one out, one in. That's part of Soap's rich pattern, and we got Lloyd back this week – which rekindled his and Steve's wonderful comic partnership/bromance.
It's been a joy to watch and listen to their verbal sparring, but – oh dear – Brian telling them to wait outside his office and them sitting there like naughty schoolboys was way too silly for me, I'm afraid. As if that would happen in real life?
They ended up back in partnership together though, and with Eileen back behind the Switch, all's well with the world. Lloyd's got some good ideas for improving the business but he's missed a trick. He took a call from a customer and told the woman the cab would be ten minutes but didn't ask her where she was going from or to.
A psychic cab firm could clean up, couldn't it? There you are, thinking you need to go out and suddenly there's a Psychi-cab outside your front door before you've even picked up the the phone. Genius!
What's Tracy's next move?
Kevin's made an offer on Steve's house and given Tracy her marching orders. How's she going to worm her way out of this one? Can't wait to find out, and talking of Kevin, Mary telling Roy about the Sister Kevin who taught her to play chess was classic Corrie. His face was an absolute picture!
Gary's face was a picture of happiness when Izzy told him she was pregnant too. Bless. I hope he shaves that stupid beard-y thing off before it's born though or the poor little mite'll be completely traumatised if it emerges into the world and the first thing it sees is that facial hair looking down at it.
Bully for you
Faye's being bullied, is she? To be honest, I'd have thought she'd have been the one doing the bullying. This'll be an interesting one. Online bullying is terrible, and I hope they handle it well.
Making fun of her because Anna's not her mum's a bit lame though. There must be loads of kids at the school with step-mums, surely? Presumably it's going to escalate? It'll make a change for Fay-te-worse-than-death to be on the receiving end. Might help her empathise with how Owen's fish felt!
Lots of great Corrie humour this week (apart from the sports day stuff; that was just silly), but not that many one-liners for our Grins of the Week:
Tracy: "Would you be happier if I was waving a white flag?"
Lloyd: "I'd be happier if you were waving goodbye."
Tyrone: "Romantic mini-break. Three days in't Lakes. Me and t'fiancee."
Roy: "Are you walking?"
Tyrone (incredulously): "No, we'll be going in't car."
Steve (to Dev): "I've seen noses run faster than you."
Steve: "Cough - Swamp."
Lloyd: "Cough - Tracy."
Tracy (to Ken): "Do you mind? We're trying to have an argument here."
Deirdre gave Carla her stuffed marrow recipe. Can you see Carla stuffing a marrow? Can you see anyone stuffing a marrow? No, nor me!
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