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article imageOp-Ed: Comedian Wayne Brady would slap the s**t out of Bill Maher

By Larry Clifton     Jul 8, 2012 in Politics
Bill Maher, the liberal comedian who calls conservative women c**ts and tw*ts, recently riled comedian Wayne Brady, hardly a conservative, by comparing President Obama to him using stereotypical racial terms.
The liberal spat began when Maher complained that Obama doesn’t act enough like a stereotypical scary black man, but more like a “Wayne Brady” figure, according to a report by The Blaze.
Maher, who often claims President Obama is too politically passive, used the racist narrative more than once according to Brady, who fired back recently during an interview with Aisha Tyler on her podcast Girl on Guy.
For his part, Maher frequently refers to Republicans and just about anyone who doesn’t tow the left-wing line (as he defines it) as bigots and racists. However, Maher seems to think he should get a pass for hurling demeaning sexist insults at the female children of politicians he disagrees with.
Meanwhile, Wayne Brady has called Maher out for invoking the very racist caricatures that he himself would slam Republicans for using. It seems that Maher claims Obama doesn’t act black enough, and used Brady as a racial example.
“Now, I’m not saying I’m Billy Badass, but if Bill Maher has his perception of what’s black wrapped up, I would gladly slap the sh!t out of Bill Maher in the middle of the street, and then I want to see what Bill Maher would do," Brady tells Tyler in the interview.
Bill Maher doubled down on his sexist remarks after repeating them in appearances all over the country, calling them part of his “bit.”
"The bit I did about Palin using the word c**t, one of the biggest laughs in my act, I did it all over the country, not one person ever registered disapproval, and believe me, audiences are not afraid to let you know. Because it was a routine where that word came in at just the right moment,” bragged Maher in March.
***Warning: Attached video contains offensive language***
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