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article imageCoke now comes in eco-friendly bottle-shaped bags

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 8, 2012 in Business
In some Central American countries Coca-Cola is served in biodegradable plastic zip-lock bags instead of glass, plastic bottles or cans. The bags come in the iconic shape of the Coke bottle that everybody recognizes.
According to the Daily Mail, people in South American countries have for years had vendors pour their Coke into plastic bags so that they do not have to pay a deposit on the returnable glass bottles. Coca-Cola noticed this trend and decided to introduce biodegradable eco-friendly Coke-bottle-shaped branded bags. Daily Mail reports Coke says their branded bags deliver the "full customer experience and we recover our famous branding."
The trend originated in El Salvador and spread to other South American countries.The innovation is timely because Coke has come under pressure in recent years to produce a more eco-friendly packaging for their drinks.
Gizmodo notes that the biodegradable plastic bags are most popular in poorer South American countries because they are low cost alternative to glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans. Serving Coke in plastic bags means buyers do not have to pay a deposit on returnable glass bottles nor do they have to take the trouble of returning the bottles to the vendor for a refund of their deposit. According to, serving Coke in disposable plastic bag that comes in the shape of the originial Coke bottle not only saves buyers deposit money, it also helps to retain the drink’s fizz.
Gizmodo reports the bags are probably cheaper to ship and they are more eco-friendly because glass bottles and cans require energy to recycle.
Although the plastic bags replicate the the familiar Coke bottle shape, Gizmodo and Daily Mail agree that the idea may not catch on in the US becasue American Coke connoiseures, out of habit, may insist that good Coke comes only from the classic Coke bottle.
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