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article imageOp-Ed: Canadians Join Lawyers for Ron Paul Federal Lawsuit Against GOP

By Mindy Allan     Jul 8, 2012 in Politics
Lawyers for Ron Paul (LRP) file lawsuit against Republican GOP party that could be as explosive as the global banking fraud. Lawyers for Ron Paul believe they can present evidence of fraud used to favor Mitt Romney.
Even the Canadians have jumped across the border to become involved with the Lawyers for Ron Paul, a group of attorneys who saw corruption, fraud, and criminal intent to keep Ron Paul and his "Freedom Message" (truth) from being told.
The first to expose fraud in the Iowa Straw Poll were Roger Simon, Chief Political Scientist for Politico, Jackie Kucinich, corespondent for USA Today, syndicated radio talk show host from L.A. Stephanie Miller, and Jennifer Rubin who blogs for the Washington Post.
CNN Reliable Sources brought these people together to talk the fraud and manipulation of mainstream news when it comes to what the public is shown. Roger Simon was the first to speak out after the Iowa Straw Poll on the bias of mainstream news when it came to Ron Paul, which continues to this day.
Ron Paul in his third bid to be President of the United States learned to play by the rules realizing from the beginning that having delegates was the way to win the game, and expressed this in an interview with Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch after the Iowa Caucus.
The Rachel Maddow Show also exposed the fact that Ron Paul was winning delegates - even though he was losing in the states. This new revelation seemed to raise such an alarm within the Republican Party that Lawyers for Ron Paul have accused the GOP of voter fraud to ensure Mitt Romney is the Republican Party nominee for president.
Ron Paul was so successful in obtaining delegates that Kansas Republican State Party made their delegates sign loyalty oaths to Mitt Romney while members of the Republican National Committee were invited to a meeting with Mitt Romney in Arizona. Once again an oath of loyalty in writing by members who wanted to attend was required for entry by GOP operatives.
In June 2012 the Massachusetts State Republican Party required their delegates to sign legal affidavits pledging their loyalty for Mitt Romney, and those who refused were disqualified from being delegates. Ron Paul has shaken up politics and in this latest report by the Rachel Maddow Show that the choice of President of the United States is not the choice of the people, but the choice of a power than most are oblivious too.
Independent journalists have pointed out that the next choice of U.S. President can be ascertained by who attends the Bilderberg Meeting prior to elections.
It was rumored when Obama gave the slip to the press during campaign elections, along with Hillary Clinton, that they were both in attendance at the Bilderberg Meeting in 2008. In a CNN report[ Obama's spokesman Robert Gibbs covered up Obama's meeting as "private," so reporters were not privy to his whereabouts. The implication being - it's none of your damn business. It's a "private" meeting
Obama was the "Chosen One" and it looked like he was the choice of "The People." Now in 2012 it was reported by Alex Jones that Mitt Romney attended the Bilderberg Meeting and appears he is the "Chosen One."
Unlike Obama, Mitt Romney doesn't have the crowds, nor is he a clear choice of "The People." It has been Ron Paul that has dazzled the crowds with his message, and campaign that mainstream news has continued to ignore.
Now the fear of not having enough delegates pledged to Mitt Romney for the Republican National Convention seems to have called for measures that are breaking GOP rules and the Lawyers of Ron Paul are saying are outright criminal.
The 2012 Ron Paul Revolution Rally on August 26th in Tampa will be at the site of the Republican Convention the day before the GOP convention starts, since the GOP doesn't even want Ron Paul to speak - let alone have his name in nomination for U.S. president.
Supporters of Ron Paul for U.S. President continue to expose the truth. The people's vote obviously doesn't count, but their voices cannot be silenced. Voices will be heard and stories will be told of the corruption that has followed the Republican National Campaign from the first day of the campaign.
Lawyers for Ron Paul want to allow delegates to be free to choose their candidate as their conscience dictates and not being intimidated into supporting a candidate who Lawyers for Ron Paul believe have rigged the voting and now the delegates since day one.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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