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article imageOp-Ed: Gators stolen from Audubon Zoo

By Melissa Horrocks     Jul 7, 2012 in Crime
New Orleans - It's not the ideal thing to steal from a zoo, but someone decided to take 10 small alligators from Audubon Zoo on Wednesday morning.
The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans has faced a robbery recently. A gator was taken from the zoo by thieves. Ten baby alligators were taken from an exhibit at the zoo according to Discovery News.
These thieves run the risk of ending up in the gators bellies, or at least being seriously injured. However, I cannot say that I'd feel sorry if the gators did attack the thieves. It's not a great idea to steal from a zoo, so hopefully they will get their just deserts.
Alex Price whose family owns Insta-Gator Hatchery said, “You'd think a baby alligator that size wouldn't be dangerous but they still bite."
A bite from a gator could lead to serious injury and may cause infection that can harm the body. When these alligators bite a person, they carry bacteria in their mouths and that can lead to infection in the hand. The cut may not heal for weeks after the bite has occurred.
According to Field Notes someone stole the 10 small alligators from the swamp exhibit. The zoo is not providing information about how the hatchlings were stolen, but NOPD is hoping to recover them and alligator professionals are worried. Jim Piculas of Insta-Gator Hatchery said that, "As soon as they hatch out of an egg, they will do a death roll on your finger."
Fortunately eight out of the ten baby alligators stolen were back with caretakers on Friday morning. According to the alligators were found by residents living in the Irish Channel who spotted a man dumping a storage container at the corner of Rousseau and Soraparu streets around 8 p.m. Thursday. There were eight baby gators discovered inside the container.
The gators were taken from an exhibit in the zoo's gift shop on Wednesday morning. The alarm system was triggered at around 4 a.m according to the police, but the security guard did not notice anything out of the ordinary. It wasn't until later in the morning, that a security guard discovered that the shop's door was damaged and 10 out of the 16 baby gators were missing. There have been no arrests in connection with the theft.
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