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article imageOp-Ed: Canadian ink artist forced to pay $9,000 for tattoo removal

By Melissa Horrocks     Jul 6, 2012 in Entertainment
A tattoo typo forced a Canadian ink artist to fork over $9,000 for tat removal. He wrote "cossroads" instead of "crossroads."
According to Toronto Sun, The Halifax parlour received a court order in the small claims court to pay the woman almost $9,000, because a tattoo artist made an error and misspelled her tattoo.
Marie Huckle attended Newcombe's Ink in 2010 looking forward to receiving an Old English style tattoo on the side of her stomach. The tattoo would help Marie Huckle remember her friend who died. It was extremely important to Huckle that the tattoo was correct. The National Post reported that Huckle asked for a Gothic type font, but the tattooist made a mistake when spelling the actual word, "crossroads". Professionals say that errors like this are common and pointed to an NHL player who celebrated his team's playoff victory with a ‘‘Stanley Cup Champians” tattoo.
It was not until Huckle returned home that she realized that the tattoist had made a mistake. The tattoo actually read, "See You at the Cossroads," rather than "See You at the Crossroads." A rather big mistake if you ask me.
Court documents said that the shop's co-owner, Adam Spencer, said that he would repair the tattoo and gave a complete refund for the cost of the work. However, this was not enough for Huckle who later decided to have it completely removed.
Spencer paid for the eight laser tattoo removal sessions, but she needs another 15 sessions in total to completely remove the phrase.
"I accept that when working on a living canvas, such as someone's skin, the results may not be exactly as hoped for. However, a spelling mistake is clearly a breach of that duty of care," Eric Slone, the Dartmouth, N.S., adjudicator, wrote.
CBC News reports that, the shop had to pay $8,991.94 for the removal sessions remaining, aftercare supplies, travel costs to and from the clinic, general damages and court filling expenses. These include:
$6,000 representing 15 further tattoo removal sessions at $400 each.
$2,300 representing 23 instances of having to purchase $100 in supplies.
$184 for gasoline to and from her treatments.
$100 in general damages.
$182.94 for a filing fee.
$225 for bailiffs fees.
I don't understand how Huckle decided to have a tattoo that reminds her of her friend and then changed her mind because it was spelt wrong. The spelling mistake could have been repaired and the costs of the tattoo reimbursed.
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