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article imageReview: For the iPad, 30/30 app improves user focus Special

By Oliver VanDervoort     Jul 6, 2012 in Technology
The best thing about the iPad is just how many uses the tablet can offer. Games, reading, watching television and movies are all possible. You can actually get quite a bit of work done if you use the iPad and some special applications the right way.
Some of the applications made for the iPad seem like they should be made for a high powered desktop computer. There are also some applications that are beautiful in their simplicity. The productivity app, 30/30 is a great app that is easy to use and works wonders in keeping those who might a few too many irons in the fire, laser like focused on their task.
The concept is simple enough the minute you open the app, you are to set the amount of time you want to spend on a particular task, or a particular break. Any time will work, from one minute to three hours. You then set the time for the next task or break, and off you go. Say you want to work for 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break. Setting that up is easy enough, but the beauty of this app is that you can either repeat that pattern or add in a change. Say the next hour you want to work 30 minutes and take a 30 minute break (30/30 ... get it?) simply add those next and the app will go down the list as the time expires for each task.
You can also decide you no longer want to do a task simply by tapping the task and sliding it off the screen. You can insert a new task in between two others by pinching the screen. The great thing about the app is you can be as general or as specific as possible. Some users might want to plan their whole day down to the minute, others might want to be a bit more general. There is color coding that gives the application a great look and the alarm to let you know that the time is up, isn't so off-putting that you have to mute it in a crowded office. In fact, if there is one area where the app falls short it's probably that the alarm is now loud enough. Of course, should you not here the alarm the app will also give you a push notice on your screen so they've covered all the bases there as well.
For people who have a problem focusing on the task at hand from time to time, 30/30 is the perfect addition to their tablet or iPhone.
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