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article imageVideo: Pilot sings 'bye Ms. American pie' as strike kills Afghani

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 6, 2012 in World
Footage showing the moment an Afghani is blown to pieces by a US helicopter strike has been posted online.The pilot sings "bye bye Miss American pie," a line from Don McLean's classic, at the moment the missile annihilates its human target in a fireball.
The video is from a camera on an AH64 Apache helicopter flown by a pilot from the 101st Airborne Division. The caption by the uploader claims that the victims are "innocent farmers planting poppy seeds in the middle of the road." According to the caption, the pilot (aka "Mexican") encountered the "innocent" farmers while on a patrol in the Wardack province of Afghanistan. The caption says, "Working in concert with ground forces they eliminated the threat with ONE Kilo Hellfire."
The audio records the pilot singing, cynically, "bye bye Miss American pie" at the moment his missile obliterates its target.
Two other men can be seen trying to escape and the pilot shoots at them, but he misses.
The claim that the men were innocent farmers has caused a few angry and emotional outbursts. Daily Mail reports that a viewer, Ozzieabroad, commented: "It’s disturbing and bordering on sanctioned psychopathy to enjoy killing so much."
Most viewers on LiveLeak, however, strive to simulate nonchalance. A viewer Nexus1961, enthuses: "that was GREAT!!! did anyone else see the huge chuck of that clown blasted almost 200 feet up the road? glows really nice with that IR light..."
Others viewers used the opportunity for anti-American tirade: GunZenBomZ comments: "Dumbo's your country (corporation actually) is the only one to have two flags. An at war flag which you use & a Civilian flag for peace-time. You are a pirate nation at sea but on land. Amusing facts? You do not know so yet you can arm yourself from the NWO, goodluck."
The caption's ending message could be interpreted as sarcastic: "Enjoy and have a Happy Fourth of July."
There is no independent confirmation of the claim that the targets were "innocent" farmers. The viewer may well wonder why "innocent farmers" plant poppy seeds "in the middle of the road."
This footage, however, may prove embarrassing to the US military as questions are asked about the identity of the victims and the circumstances surrounding the strike. Similar footage that emerged in June showing four American soldiers urinating on dead bodies of Afghan men led to official investigation. One of the men in the infamous clip could be heard, saying: "Have a great day, buddy." His colleagues laughed and another said: "Golden like a shower." The men could be heard sighing loudly as they relieved themselves.
Daily Mail reports that the 101st Airborne Division is based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and is famous for its exploits in World War II, the Vietnam War and the first Gulf War. Its pilots are among the most highly decorated in the US military.
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