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article imageVideo: Toddler within inches of death on 100ft high balcony ledge

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 5, 2012 in Lifestyle
Coventry - The shocking video shows a two-year-old playing on the 100ft high ledge of the balcony of a high rise apartment. The toddler sits on and crawls along the balcony, even dangling his feet over the sheer drop while horrified passers-by looked on.
A neighbor filmed the boy playing on the ledge, dangling his legs over it, peering down, oblivious of the deadly danger of his position.
A neighbor Debbie Green, said: "I was talking to my son's girlfriend on our front door when she looked up behind me and said: 'there's a baby up there on the balcony.' I turned round and saw the kid up there just playing on the balcony with no protection - I thought he was going to fall, I was sure he was going to die."
The Sun reports Debbie Green said she held her breath as she watched the boy play along the edge, swinging his legs over the ledge. She said: “My heart was in my mouth. I was sure he was going to fall to his death. I grabbed the phone to call police and my husband got his camera with a zoom to see close up that it actually was a little kid and not some doll. The police arrived after about six or seven minutes but it felt like hours. I’ve never felt so scared, it was horrendous.”
Green continued: "I had to go back in the house to try and calm down because I couldn't watch. I have never felt so scared in all my life, it was horrendous. I couldn't believe someone would let their child do that. But they have a chair on the balcony that he was able to use to climb up onto the ledge."
The Daily Mail reports that John, Debbie's husband, said: "After the police went round the father just calmly walked onto the balcony and moved the chair They didn't seem that phased by it all. I'm amazed the kid was able to keep his balance up there. One of our neighbours said he wanted to go and do something, but we realised if he had then the child might have leaned to look at us and fallen - so we waited for the police to come.There are loads of people who would like to have kids and then there are these people who let their children play on a balcony and ignore them. He's obviously been up there several times before because he was incredibly careful to climb down."
According to The Sun, John said: “I feared I was about to film this child’s death."
The Daily Mail reports that officers arrived at the block of flats, in Coventry, about seven minutes after they were called and found the mother and a man asleep in the house.The mother claimed that the child was safe because of a pigeon netting over the balcony. But according to The Sun, Debbie said: “It’s ridiculous. No way would it have held him.”
The Daily Mail reports the woman claimed she was not asleep but that she was in the kitchen while the boy played on the ledge. The mother said she was doing the cleaning in the kitchen when the boy wandered away. According to the mother, her friend was supposed to keep an eye on the boy, but he fell asleep while watching TV.
The mother said the doors to the veranda hadn't been properly shut, allowing the boy to walk out. She said: “When the police told me what my son had been doing I was shocked. I’m still shaking now, I cannot believe it. I won’t let him out of my sight now. I’d like to thank the neighbours over the way who saw him.”
The Sun reports police took no further action.
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