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article imageOp-Ed: Are you unhappy with your tattoo? You're not the only one

By Melissa Horrocks     Jul 4, 2012 in Entertainment
Many people have tattoos over their body, but new research shows that people are regretting having them done. Everyone has different ideas about tattoos, Jodie Marsh loves her tattoos.
Jodie Marsh feels that the body should be covered in tattoos, but some people would disagree. In fact, nearly a third of individuals with a tattoo admit that they regretted having it done, according to a survey carried out in the UK on Tuesday 03 July 2012. Sky News reports that about one in five adults has had a tattoo and for the majority, they regret they ever had it done.
According to The Sun, Jodie Marsh says that the body is made for tattoos and her body is covered in them to prove it. In fact, a very special tattoo for Marsh is the one of her Nan. She feels like her Nan is with her forever because she has body art. Jodie Marsh appeared on This Morning to defend her passion for tattoos.
Jodie Marsh has tattoos that cover the whole length of her left arm. Every tattoo tells a story and the most meaningful one contains her Nan's ashes. The ashes were crushed up into the ink and then tattooed in to her skin. Marsh, who is 33 years old, flaunted the inking, on the back of her left leg, that reads "Little Nan".
Psychotherapist Marisa Peer, joined Jodie on the This Morning sofa, and said: “Everyone I know regrets having them. I see so many people who say I really wish I hadn’t had it done.”
In fact, Sky News report on survey results which showed that about 45% of people with a tattoo usually get their first one between the ages of 18 and 25. Almost a third of these people say that they wish they had never got it done according to the British Association of Dermatologists.
Perhaps the message here, is that the minimum age group for getting a tattoo should be increased. At the age of 35, I got my first tattoo ten years ago when I met the love of my life. I had only been with him for three weeks when we got half a heart tattooed on our arm with each others initials underneath. We don't regret having them done because we are still together, ten years later. When we put our arms together it forms one heart.
I also have a lion and a cross on my right arm and a bumble bee on my left arm to represent my Grandmother, who passed away a few years ago. I think as long as you seriously consider each tattoo, then there is nothing wrong with it. It is like having permanent art work that you can carry around everywhere. How many people can honestly say they carry their artwork around with them?
I would advise anyone considering having a tattoo, to go to a professional tattooist. It's definitely not something that should be done on the spur of the moment. Tattoos should be planned and thought about carefully. It's important to remember that as a person gets older their tattoo will start to fade and might not look as good as it did at first. It may be possible to get the tattoo recoloured so it looks brighter.
I would normally advise against having a tattoo done of someone you've not been dating long. Although I don't regret getting the tattoo of my other half. It is always possible to get a cover up done. I think it's silly getting tattoos done on obvious body parts like the head, neck and face. However, getting a tattoo on the arm is a good idea because it can always be covered over with a t-shirt.
The study that was conducted shows that many people are unhappy with their tattoos. It goes on to say that tattoos are not that easy to remove and study author Arif Aslam said,
"We feel that it is important for people to know that it’s very likely that one day they will regret their tattoo."
The study considered 580 people's views.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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