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article imageOp-Ed: Marriage doesn't come in one-size-fits-all package Special

By KJ Mullins     Jul 4, 2012 in World
Toronto - Marriage. It's a powerful word. For many areas of our world that word is limited to one model, a man and a woman. Even in parts of the world like Canada there are those who think there's only one size to fit all when it comes to wedded bliss.
This past weekend the Toronto Pride Parade took place. One of the happiest floats carried a newly married couple. That couple, two men, beamed radiantly out to the crowds along the street as they celebrated their first hours of wedded bliss.
Another group marched for the first time in the parade. The men and women walking behind their banner for polygamy smiled and waved. Unlike the two men their marriages are illegal.
Love and marriage comes in many forms. Picture taken at Toronto Pride Parade 2012
Love and marriage comes in many forms. Picture taken at Toronto Pride Parade 2012
We live in a hypocritical world. Governments may claim to be separate from religion yet they often base their marriage laws on the religious laws of the land. It doesn't matter if your religious beliefs or non-beliefs differ, the law is the law is the law.
Love has nothing to do with it.
It's pretty common knowledge in my inner circle that I am a bleeding heart liberal. I am more socialist than capitalist. I am more human rights than do it by the book. I believe you have the right to your beliefs but don't stomp on my non-beliefs. I also believe in love and goodness and kindness. Three key elements that make a marriage work even during the hard times. It doesn't matter if that marriage is with a man or a woman, multiple partners, two men, two women or simply common law. Love is what binds, it's what makes a union whole.
Michelangelo Carrieri
That's why I am for any type of marriage as long as the partners are of legal age and consent to the union. (Yes that means marriages to a man and his dog are not on my radar. Now if that dog has the ability to speak and say he's all for it that's another story.)
This world is too hard as it is to deny those who love each other the right to celebrate their love. Even if you don't believe in alternative lifestyles, even if your religious beliefs disagree, why should one person deny another person's right to live their live in the way they believe is right for them?
And yes I know that there will be those who take that last sentence and run with it. They are generally the ones that will take one quote from a book and twist it around to 'prove' that their way is the only way. It's totally their right to do so. It's also my right to question the basis of their religion if hating another is part of it.
Because when it comes to marriage this world isn't one size fits all.
Love has everything to do with it.
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