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article imageOp-Ed: Iran prepares for war with Israel and the West

By Eliot Elwar     Jul 4, 2012 in World
In early July 2012, Iranian officials claim their war games were testing missiles for strikes on regional targets. Analysts assess that Israel and the U.S. were the primary targets.
Additionally, the U.S. sends floating base for Special Forces in Persian Gulf to thwart Iran’s war-plans; the U.S. military strength has beefed up in Hormuz since nuclear talks with Iran failed.
Israel National News reports: Iran’s military leadership claims it test fired medium and large-range missiles at hypothetical enemy bases,” likely Israeli and American targets. According to the Fars News Agency, the Guards Aerospace Force missile units fired the Shahab 1, Shahab 2, Shahab 3, Fateh, Qiyam, Persian Gulf, and Zelzal missiles at hypothetical enemy air bases. However, many Mideast analysts assess the Iranian claims were exaggerated.
The Telegraph reports: The U.S. officials have revealed that a military build-up in the Gulf region includes warship deployments, F-22 stealth fighter jets and a new amphibious base to launch Special Forces attacks. Washington views any attempt by Teheran to close the Strait of Hormuz as a "red line" triggering a US military reaction. The U.S. Navy has doubled its minesweeper numbers in the region along with sending its amphibious landing craft.
New York Times reports: The United States has been moving significant military reinforcements into the Persian Gulf to deter the Iranian military forces from shutting down the Strait of Hormuz. The U.S. Navy has been increasing its fighter jet numbers that can strike deep into Iran when the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program begins. The U.S. naval deployments are long-planned efforts designed to bolster the American military presence in the gulf region, which are intended to reassure Israelis of American support.
DEBKA File reports: The Obama administration released details recently about its military forces buildup in the Persian Gulf, emphasizing their mission is to prevent any Iranian effort to threaten international shipping by either blocking or planting mines in the Strait of Hormuz.
Iran’s military recently conducted test launches of its indigenously-produced medium- and long-range ballistic missiles. The tests targeted imitations of "trans-regional powers.” Iran's advanced homegrown missiles are capable of striking Israel. Analysts believe the Jewish state was the real target of the exercise. While Western diplomats maintain that eventually Iran will behave reasonably and not attempt to obliterate Israel, analysts who are more familiar with the region assess that Iran's real leadership, the ayatollahs, make their decisions based on extreme doctrinal beliefs, religious traditions, and faith based tenets, but never on pragmatism. Therefore, Iran's leaders view the destruction of Israel as their religious duty.
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