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article imageMallorca bans buckets of booze on the beach

By Katerina Nikolas     Jul 4, 2012 in Travel
In an effort to stem the growth in drunken tourists, fondly referred to as "bucketheads," the Spanish island of Mallorca has banned the drinking of alcohol from buckets on the beach.
As drunken tourism brings in the lager louts to some popular Spanish resorts, the traditional bucket and spade for beach fun has been replaced with the bucket of booze. In Majorca there are "British and German youths traipsing off to the nearest beach with their buckets, crates of cheap drink and a box of straws," whilst in Mallorca Austrians and German drunks push Brits into a poor third place.
Now the city of Palma de Mallorca has had enough of its reputation being besmirched by loud drunken antics. The city has hit back by banning buckets of booze on the beach. Der Spiegel reported Guillermo Navarro from the city council as saying enough is enough, as he described typical tourist antics, "drunken men would stagger, collapse, roll their eyes and vomit. Then they would just lie there. That's not a pretty sight for children." Such behaviour resulted in the beaches becoming "vulgar and loud" with peace only descending after the tourists had passed out, inebriated, only to get sun stroke whilst lying in a semi-comatose state.
Posters have been posted along the beaches warning that buckets of booze are banned. The council also has a string of hefty fines to levy against transgressors. Navarro said "first there's a warning" and then a fine of €50 to €300. Repeat offenders can be fined up to €500, while unrepentant, recidivist bucketheads could find themselves fined up €1,800.
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