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article imageSuitors beware: Pastor's 10 commandments for dating his daughters

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jul 2, 2012 in Odd News
A Florida pastor, Doug Giles, has put out "Ten Commandments" for young men who want to date his daughters. Pastor Giles warns would-be suitors, "Don't even think about it," unless you are ready to obey his Ten Commandments.
Giles is an evangelical preacher who has two daughters and admits he is "old school." According to Fox News Insider, he is the senior pastor of Clash Christian Church in Florida. His "old school," evangelical-preacher style comes with a strong flavor of the old Sinaitic threat of thunder, lighting, fire and brimstone on transgressors. He warns all "liberal, hippie, agnostic, atheistic, anti-American or tree-humping bull crap," to stay away from his daughters and threatens violence on any suitor who "touches" his daughter.
You may question the Christian virtues of a man who threatens to "smash your hands" if you touch his daughter, but his old fashioned zeal for preserving his daughters' modesty is not in question, and one may wonder why he seems so anxious about "protecting" his daughters, if they feel like their Daddy does about their Christian modesty.
The Blaze quotes some of Giles's commandments:
Commandment I. Thou shall understand that your presence doesn’t make me happy. And know this: I’ve got a PI doing a background check on you at this moment.
Commandment II. Thou had better have a life. I have worked my butt off providing a good life for my daughter; therefore, you better have one, Spanky.
Commandment III: "Thou shall not touch my daughter. You know, if you do, I'm going to have to smash your hands, and your mother is going to have to help you gel up that Justin Bieber hairdo of yours."
Commandment VI. Thou shall know that our family is old school. Do not even think about approaching me with liberal, hippie, agnostic, atheistic, anti-American or tree-humping bull crap.
His Mosaic demeanor, as he reels out the commandments, raises doubts that Pastor Giles is only trying to be funny; and it is unlikely that any prospective suitor will want to mess with this man.
The video has elicited various responses from viewers. Some viewers do not think he exhibits genuine Christian virtues. Valleydesperado comments on MSN Now: "This guy is doing work for the Devil and not God. This guy is what you call a false prophet, a heathen, a phony. You my friend, are like the rest of the world."
Gatcr says: "'Evangelist Giles' should try READING his Bible and learn how to speak... instead of acting like the rest of the heathen world! Sounds more like a wannabe preacher..."
A reader thinks Giles may not have the real picture of what his daughters are doing. The viewer comments: "This guy is what I would call 'The Ultimate Douchebag.' Guaranteed his daughter has already been dating without his knowledge and is in the process of making a grandchild for him at this moment."
Other men who also have daughters want to take advise from Giles. "Anonymous T. Irrelevant" comments on The Blaze: "I need to write these down, I have three daughters and no sons!"
But not many commenters have asked what Giles's daughters think of their father's dating commandments.
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