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article imageReview: UK Soap Emmerdale — You should have checked the small print, Jai!

By Jane Reynolds     Jul 2, 2012 in Entertainment
A 'sideways' review of the latest goings-on in Emmerdale, the popular British Soap Opera.
For episodes broadcast in the UK 25th-29th June 2012
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
Gennie and Nikhil finally get it together; Jai's getting it together with Rachel, and does Ruby want to get together with Laurel?
It's 'Genhil' Week!
Yes. After months of faffing about, they're finally together properly. About time too, and I want an invite to the wedding, as I'd hoped for/predicted this before the pair of them had barely even clapped eyes on each other!
They're a wonderful comedy couple, and if they don't win an Award at some point there'll be something wrong somewhere.
The week didn't start too well though.
"A break. We should take a break … apart," he stuttered.
"Yeah. I know what 'a break' is," she replied tetchily.
Charity was bang out of order to have blurted out that Gennie was pregnant (Charity's gob's got her in a lot of trouble this week, hasn't it?), but we're glad that she did ,or Gennie would have been giving birth before Nikhil found out, at the rate they were going! (She's not 'showing' much though, is she?)
My favourite moment of the week was when he was about to go down on one knee and saw that the floor was dirty. "What are we paying these cleaners for?" he exclaimed as he jumped back up in horror. Classic. Wonderful line!
When he had his little meltdown, Gennie was right to remind him that it was all very well trashing a kitchen – but could it not be his and not hers please? (Who cleaned up afterwards, I wonder? Both of them?) It's all been very funny to watch, and great news – unless you're Jai, of course.
Should have checked the small print, Jai
Oh dear. It hasn't gone down well with him, but in a way it's his own fault. He really should have sorted it all out with Charity BEFORE they got married, and naughty as she's been this week – meddling in everyone's business – he still shouldn't have done what he's gone and done with Rachel.
Him saying "It's not all about looks, you know. It's not that you're bad looking … it's just not his type, aye?" (as they got drunk together and she told him about her feelings for David). Those lines take me back to some of the things Nikhil used to say to Gennie.
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder, and I'm sure that when Jai gets Rachel out of that tracksuit he'll realise there's a right sexy woman under there. It does seem a shame that he's being unfaithful quite so soon after getting married, but life doesn't always work out how you'd expect, and if these two end up having an affair, I reckon it'll be a sizzler!
Just Good Friends?
Speaking of affairs: I do pretty well with my crystal ball, and I wonder if there's something afoot with Ruby and Laurel after all? Here are the clues: Ruby's started dressing a bit more 'girly'; Laurel was wearing trousers and a cardi this week and (don't laugh!) sitting in a less feminine way than normal as she talked to Sandy, and Ruby's being very friendly and touchy-feely with her.
"Laurel's straight anyway, so what have I got to worry about?" Ali shrugged as Dan teased her about it.
"You were with me and you were straight," he reminded her.
This might be nothing more than my overactive imagination at play again, but Laurel did say something about 'being off men', and, as this is the central plot to my novel, I recognise all the signs! Don't forget, Ali was married and straight before she fell for Ruby, so I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one.
Ruby and Laurel would make a far more convincing couple than Ruby and old Misery Ali (Sandy likes her too), but I'd still prefer Laurel to be with Marlon. Hmm. Trouble is, I can SEE Ruby and Laurel together now. It could really work as a storyline …
I hate the loanshark storyline. I hate bullying, but how good is Lisa though? She's SO believable and does 'being scared' so well. My eyes are glued to the screen when she's on at the moment. Great acting.
Mind how you go, pet
The banter between Val, Eric, Brenda and Amy flew backwards and forwards faster than a ball at Wimbledon this week, although Val going from giving Amy a bunch of chrysanths from David's shop to rolling up on a moped a couple of hours later was a bit of a stretch of the imagination. It was funny stuff though, and typical of Val to have messed it up by actually running Eric over!
There's been an abundance of comedy writing this week. Some of the Marlon/Paddy/Rhona scenes have been laugh out loud stuff, and what a joy to have a hatful of Grins of the Week for you!
Paddy: "Do I look like a gay Grandad?"
Gennie (to Nikhil): "You hardly even stay over because you have a panic attack every time you're in the same room as bread."
Dan: "No Ruby?"
Ali: "No. She must be out with Laurel."
Dan: "Eh? Giving her 'lesbian lessons' or summat."
Rhona: "I have very high standards."
Nicola: "Oh … you hide 'em well."
Gennie (to Nikhil): "We can't even hold hands without you reaching for the antibacterial gel."
Charity: "Oh look Gennie. It's a sex god dripping in sweat. Oh, no, sorry. It's just Nikhil."
David: "I've got a perfectly good one upstairs (wedding dress) and it's only been worn once – by me."
Brenda: "Has nobody told you? Him and Alicia's getting married."
Val: "You're marrying THAT little skank?"
Eric: "Eggs Royale – not Royal."
Amy: "Why don't you just put 'Eggs on a muffin'? Folk might know what they're getting then."
* "It's Amy. Everything's so black and white at her age," Val said to Rishi. Black and orange in Amy's case – with those eyes and that makeup. I know I keep banging on about it, but why does her (bright orange) makeup stop at her jawline? She's got a stripe/line along her jaw where it ends and a completely white neck.
(It's not every week. Occasionally she has quite a pale colour on her face which looks nice and suits her really well.)
* Where does Val get all her money from?
* Victoria said to Amy: "It's your 18th. You can do what you want at last." Er, she's done almost everything it's possible to do already. What's left?
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