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article imageOp-Ed: Here's a funny thought — Let's just leave Alec Baldwin alone

By Marcus Hondro     Jul 2, 2012 in Entertainment
New York - As world media leaps upon another incident involving Alec Baldwin and a photographer, this time in front of his apartment in New York, and reports it ad nauseam, it just seems it could all be avoided. Before I suggest how, let's first get the details.
It seems photographers, sometimes as many as ten, routinely hang about outside the actor's apartment building in New York. Naturally they wait for Baldwin, 54, to take photographs of him and Hilaria Thomas, 28, the woman he married Saturday. It seems that sometimes some of the photographers get into minor confrontations with people who live in the building, which is what happened on Sunday, July 1.
Alec Baldwin: Confronts photographer
When Baldwin, for some reason carrying a pink stuffy, happened upon a quarrel between a fellow tenant and a photographer, he grabbed the photographer by the arm and said mean things, calling the guy a "little girl" and using the 'f' word. Videos and descriptions of the 'fight' flooded the internet and accounts were run off on presses to appear in newspapers. The slant seems to be that Alec Baldwin might benefit from some therapy and that he is a bit of a nut-job (TMZ's headline is "Alec Baldwin EXPLODES on Another Photog").
Now like other celebs he gets followed and photographed a lot but it intensified after June 19. On that date, after picking up a marriage license , the actor had an incident on the streets, allegedly hitting photographer Marcus Santos in the chin. Santos claims he and colleague Jefferson Siegel were attacked by Baldwin - "He lunged at me like raging bull" - and that neither did anything to provoke the attack. The New York police are looking into those claims.
The photographers have a right to hang around Alec Baldwin and his apartment building and take these photos, I get that it's not a crime and not their fault he gets mad - actually that last statement is somewhat debatable - but the bottom line is that it does seem rather intrusive, no? I mean I also get he's a celebrity but that doesn't mean he has to be hounded virtually 24/7.
On Leaving Alec Baldwin Alone
Sure, we get that Baldwin has a temper, after all he left those voice mails to his then 11-year-old daughter in 2007, calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig" and he's had run-ins with photographers before. But temper or no - and everyone has a temper - these incidents are in part to blame upon us. We're the ones who in essence hire these photographers to hang around the guy's home and wait for him to get pissed off and then take pictures and publish them. It must make us somehow happier to see the photos but, well, that seems a little weird.
He is an awesome actor, award winning, very funny, brilliant, and other than when mad, seems a cool guy. In many ways he seems a deserving person, which brings me to the suggestion about avoiding these events: let's enjoy Alec Baldwin on TV and live our lives without photos of him with a pink stuffed animal getting mad. Or photos of him walking in and out of his apartment building. Or any photos of him. Just leave him alone. Couldn't we still be happy without the photos?
It just seems the kinder approach to take, the one that makes our humanity grow - not to mention our maturity - and besides, if we can't be happy without photos of Alec Baldwin, then maybe it is us that needs the therapy.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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