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article imageThe English Defence League (EDL) protest peacefully in Dewsbury

By Richard Milnes     Jul 1, 2012 in World
Dewsbury - The English Defence League protest in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, a town that is becoming increasingly Islamified and which was home to the ringleader of the 7/7 London bombers.
An article on the EDL website states that they were protesting “about the problems that Dewsbury has with both militant Islam and with Muslim integration in general, as well as the continued failure of both local and national politicians to even acknowledge that there are these problems.”
The EDL Dewsbury Division Facebook page promotes the demo with the words “Defending our culture” and “If we fail to show courage now, we will leave revolution, civil war or subjugation to our children and our children’s children!”
The marchers sang, “Keep Saint George in my heart, keep me English”, “No surrender to the Taliban” and “We’re coming down the road.”
West Yorkshire Police thank the event organisers
A statement by Kirklees police Divisional Commander, Temporary Chief Superintendent David Lunn, appearing on the West Yorkshire Police website, states:
"We are pleased to say that today's events have passed without incident and that disruption to Dewsbury was kept to a minimum, with the Town returning to normal as soon as possible.
"I would like to thank the community, our partners in the council and other agencies and the event organisers themselves, with whom we have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all concerned throughout the day.
"Approximately 450 EDL demonstrators attended, along with approximately 50 counter-demonstrators, mainly from the UAF and TUC. There have so far been five arrests for minor incidents.
"I am very proud of the community response to today's events. This helped enable the protests to pass peacefully, safely and without serious incident.
[“]The feedback we have received from the public and local businesses has been very favourable, which is pleasing as they have always been at the forefront of our considerations as we planned the response to today's events.[“]
Tony Curtis
Speaking to the demonstrators, Tony Curtis mentioned that Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL had hung English flags off a Luton mosque that morning.
Tracy Bird
Tracy Bird spoke of problems in the town including the death of Jack Carter.
The Dewsbury Reporter informs that he was killed by a single punch and his killer, 25-year-old Mohammed Nazakat Alam, was sentenced to just 21 months jail and could be released after serving just 11 months.
Tracy also highlighted the links to Dewsbury of the London 7/7 bombers.
Kevin Carroll
Kevin Carroll mentioned cases of EDL supporters having their children taken away from them because of their political beliefs.
Kevin again spoke of the two-tier policing system that exists in the country saying, “The Islamification of Britain is going on and Christianity is being marginalised.”
He asked the question “Why are we being persecuted?” and answered it himself by saying “Because we’re trying to protect our identity, because we’re English, because we’re British, because we love the Union Jack, because we love the George Cross, because we love our armed forces.” He went on to say that the government was facilitating the Islamification of the country.
Other EDL demonstrations in 2012 have included:
On 9 June 2012 the EDL demonstrated in Rochdale, where nine Muslim men had been found guilty of child grooming. Tommy Robinson spoke about the hands of the police being “tied by political correctness”
On 5 May 2012 the EDL celebrated three years with a rally in Luton, the birthplace of the EDL to highlight “massive ongoing problems within Luton town as far as Islamic extremism goes and Luton Borough Council’s inability and ineffectiveness to deal with these.”
On 25 February 2012 the EDL protested in Hyde, Greater Manchester to demonstrate against the gang attack on seventeen-year-old Daniel Stringer-Prince.
On 6 February 2012 the EDL held a demonstration outside Liverpool Crown Court to protest against Muslim paedophile grooming gangs.
On 4 February 2012 the EDL marched in Leicester to highlight the Rhea Page case.
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