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article imageOp-Ed: Funniest take on Obamacare ruling? The winner is — Dave Rubin

By Marcus Hondro     Jun 30, 2012 in Politics
There have been more tweets and Facebook postings on the subject of the Supreme Court of the United States' ruling that Obamacare is constitutional than doctor prescriptions written for anti-depressants. Wading through them online can be amusing.
Arguably one of the most amusing is courtesy comedian, TV guy, blogger, comedy club owner and co-creator of the public access show 'The Anti-Show', Dave Rubin. Rubin, who recently told an interviewer when asked how his career was going that "I'm really in debt and I don't even have anything. I have PlayStation. And some socks" is a guy who finds the comic heart of the matter, and quickly.
Comic Dave Rubin: "Only in America"
That's what he did after SCOTUS (a fledgling acronym for the U.S. Supreme Court). It's simple, clearly supportive of Obamacare and it arguably gets to the heart of things in 140 characters. Here is what Rubin tweeted on June 28, doubtless after hearing those that oppose Obamacare express outrage and indignation: "Only in America would so many overweight, diabetic people with heart disease be upset that they're gonna have healthcare. ‪"
Rubin was noting the state of health in his country, where over 8.3 percent of the population is diabetic. As for obesity, over one-third are not just overweight but, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), obese. "In every state," the CDC writers. "More than 15% of adults are obese, and in nine states, over 30% of adults are obese." In the U.S., over 20 percent of children aged 6-11, many without health care, are obese.
Twitter reactions to Obamacare
Naturally there was tweets for and against the ruling. Republican Michelle Bachman, who is not the greatest authority on healthcare given that in 2009 she said there "wasn't one study that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas" tweeted that she "won't stop fighting ?#Obamacare? until is full repeal." Filmmaker and supporter of liberal causes, Michael Moore tweeted ""The right wing has just had their worst smackdown since the day O was elected. The path of history continues to head toward univ health care.""
Naturally those not supportive of Obamacare are not likely to find Rubin's take on it to be of much amusement. Joe C.responded to Rubin with: "@RubinReport sounds like you completely missed it. I know you're a, uh, comedian(?), but that wasnt funny or smart."
Some of us would beg to differ, Joe.
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