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article imageJulian Assange movie: 'Leaks — Three Dates With Harry Harrison'

By Anne Sewell     Jun 30, 2012 in Entertainment
For something different in the way of movie entertainment, German and British filmmakers are gearing up to make a romantic comedy about the life of Julian Assange.
Reports are stating that the movie may be released under the title "Leaks - Three Dates with Harry Harrison" and will be based on the life of "the man who leaked the world."
German and British filmmakers are teaming up to make the movie, with the script being written by Cyril Tuschi, a German director of Russian descent, together with a British writer, Michael Gaster. Tuschi is known for his documentary on imprisoned Russian oligarch, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
The story of the film will revolve around three fictional romantic Internet dates, where the main character (Assange) uses the name Harry Harrison.
Screendaily interviewed Tuschi's producing partners, Jan Krüger and René Römert of Berlin-based Port-au-Prince Film & Kultur-Produktion (PaP).
Krüger says, "Cyril came up with the fact that Assange had been involved in Internet dating using the screen name of Harry Harrison. So, the film recounts three dates with Harry Harrison taking place in 2010. One date is in Iceland when he was establishing an organization that would change journalism, democracy and the Internet. Then we jump to the second date with a fan in Sweden where he is the man of the moment and feted like a popstar."
“We are interested in the fact that, from an early age, this character has always wanted to change the world and was constantly on the move with his mother in Australia to get away from the stepfather. As a 15-year-old, he had stood up to his stepfather as a symbol of authority. This is something that runs like a common thread through ‘Harrison’s’ life.”
“Finally, there is an Internet date in a manor house in London, with ‘Harrison’ all by himself wearing an electronic tag, third date being with a woman journalist who reflects on where he has ended up.”
“The film will chart the rise and fall of someone who pits themselves against authority, a Robin Hood of the digital age who stumbles over his own personality.”
Römert says that Leaks will be shot in summer 2013, with 80% of the filming to be done in Northern Germany. He says there will be 20 days filming in Berlin studios and, as a stand-in for the English manor house where Assange has been living, at Schloss Beesenstadt near Halle.
When asked who they are casting for the movie, Römert says, “We have had various ideas during the project’s development in the past two years as to who we could cast as Harry. What’s for sure is that it will either be a British or an Australian actor.”
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