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article imageOp-Ed: Natural Medicine when Doctors Fail!

By Mindy Allan     Jun 30, 2012 in Health
Clean water, clean food, and clean air are not as easy to come by as they once were. When one or more of these items are taken away from the human body, health problems will occur. Doctors fail to acknowledge the natural cures that cost next to nothing.
Water for everyday human use and consumption is changing due to the increase in "fracking," pesticides, and drugs contaminating aquifers and wells around the world.
Potentially toxic Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) are increasing on the shelves of grocery stores, fast food chains, and restaurants.
The air has become an increasing concern since the Fukushima disaster, and the continuance of the threat of Building 4 collapsing with more than 1500 spent fuel rods that could set off an explosion that would change the world forever. Imagine a real-life of the movie "On the Beach"
Disease and health problems are on the rise as well has the every growing industry of pharmaceutical medicine which doctors continue to support over natural remedies. Why? No kick backs for prescribing something natural.
There are parasites in most foods (pt.1) consumed by humans that are making them sick. Dr. Hulda Clark established a nutritional consulting practice in the late 1960's, and obtained a naturopathy degree at the Clayton College of Natural Health. Helping hundreds of patients to overcome and be free of cancer (pt.2) has caused Dr. Clark to endure severe attacks by professional adversaries as well as Government Officials.
If tumors can be made to disappear (pt.3) without chemo or radiation, or surgery what would happen to the medical industry which is one of the biggest money makers around the world.
Dr Shemesh Zecharya is a physician from The Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and is recognized as one of the best Tinnitus treatment doctors living today. Many have claimed he has cured them with a variety of herbs that are useful in the relief of tinnitus.
Multiple sclerosis - Arthritis:
From the elderly to the middle aged people continue to speak about the benefits of an insect that the doctors don't use nor recommend because there isn't money to be made. Hard to charge for what can be found in the garden.
Swine Flu - Leukemia:
New Zealand farmer Allen Smith came down with the Swine flu on holiday was admitted to the hospital on his return home and found out he had leukemia, things didn't look good for this father and husband. His condition deteriorated to the point he was put on life support. When doctors gave up and wanted to pull the plug, his family stepped in and wanted the hospital to try Vitamin C. Allen's story like the others question modern medicine, and the fact that the doctor knows what's best for the patient.
Brain Tumor:
Two-year old son Cash Hyde was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor; he nearly died more times than his parents could count. When doctors gave up his parents didn't. Doctors say it was a miracle, but was the natural medicine his father gave him what really made Cash's tumor disappear?
How many parents have lost, or will lose children because doctors refuse to acknowledge natural medicines as an alternative?
When all the medicines in the world wouldn't work for four year old Jayden his parents turned to natural medicine and things changed. Jayden's parents are smiling again because their son has found a medicine that is natural, and is making a difference.
OCD - Autism - ADHD:
When pharmaceuticals fail more and more parents are turning to natural medicines that for their children are making a difference reported on ABC.
Cerebral Palsy:
A mother with for young children breaks the law to find a natural cure to help her to deal with her cerebral palsy. She talks about the risk she takes allows herself to be video taped before and after she uses a natural medicine to help her to deal with her cerebral palsy and to give here a confidence she doesn't have when not using it.
Crohn's Disease:
Shona Banda, survivor of Crohn's disease and author of 'Live Free or Die' talks about what it was like to first discover the relief of a natural medicine to continue life with a smile, and throw away her cane.
Skin Cancer:
David Triplett who developed skin cancer on his nose was prescribed a cream by his doctor that was supposed to help. After researching the product David found that there were side effects that did not make many patients happy. David turned to a natural alternative medicine to replace the cream for the cancer on his nose that the doctor had given him.
Prostate Cancer:
Dennis Hill, Biochemist cures his prostate cancer with alternative natural medicine, saving thousands of dollars, and his life without conventional medicine.
Chronic Pain - Lung Cancer - Glaucoma:
Older people tired of pills and side effects and no hope turned to natural medicine and gone from a life of pain to a life of hope. Stories that might change the life of someone you love who is still sick and has no hope. Make someone smile today and give them reason to keep on living. Rick Simpson of Canada made this documentary to let people know they have a choice.
Harvard MD Professor Doctor Lester Grinspoon and Dr. Donald Abrams Professor of Clinical Medicine at University of California, San Francisco debunk the government and news media reports that say medicinal marijuana causes schizophrenia. Both doctors spoke out May 22, 2012 on the positive effects of medical marijuana and the medical bias against research of hemp and the cures, because they can't make money on it.
There is always hope even when the doctors believe there isn't. There are more choices than what the doctor gives, but it is up to you to find them.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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