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article imageVideo: Rep. Jean Schmidt cheers false report on Obamacare ruling

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 30, 2012 in Politics
Washington - Republican Congresswoman Jean Schmidt (R-OH) went into wild jubilation when she heard the initial false report on Thursday that the Supreme Court had struck down Obamacare.

Fox News and CNN initially misreported that the Supreme Court had repealed the healthcare law of the Obama administration. The misreport sparked off wild jubilation across the country in conservative circles.
The Huffiington Post reports that a passerby caught Schmidt on camera jubilating at the news, screeching on top of her voice and air punching excitedly at the unfortunate misreport from her favorite news sources.
The video shows Schmidt screaming "Yes! Yes!" clenching her fist in elation outside the Supreme Court. According to Daily Mail, she shouted jubilantly "Thank God! No, they struck down the individual mandate. They took it away."
She received the news on her cellphone and bystanders were wondering what the excitement was all about. After she joyfully delivered the news to everyone's hearing, she screamed once more "Yes!" clenching her fists in wild excitement.
Daily Mail and The Huffington Post compared her elated shrieks to Meg Ryan's simulated orgasm in "When Harry Met Sally." (See video)
But her wild jubilation was short lived. The correct report soon came that the Supreme Court had upheld Obama's healthcare law.
Daily Mail reports that President Obama also had a few moments of sadness when he initially got the report from CNN that the individual mandate in his healthcare law had been repealed.
According to Daily Mail, the President was watching TV in the White House when CNN delivered the false news. He reportedly appeared calm, collected but grim-faced as he received the news.
But moods brightened up when moments later White House counsel Kathy Ruemler, delivered the correct news that the Supreme Court had in fact upheld the healthcare reform law.
Supporters of Obama administration's healthcare reform have commented after watching Schmidt's wild jubilation that what is wrong with the administration's healthcare reform may have more to do with the word "Obama" in "Obamacare" than anything else
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