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Video: Woman runs over husband's lover, strips to stop ambulance

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 30, 2012 in Crime
Shandong - A Chinese woman was so enraged her husband was having an affair that she ran over his lover and her daughter, then stood guard to stop anyone giving them first aid. She later stripped naked and blocked the path of the their ambulance.
According to Beijing Shots, Wang was riding on her electric bike on June 17 at around 10:30 am with her four-year-old daughter when Zhang Shih reportedly hit them head-on with her car. Daily Mail reports police say she then stood guard over the seriously injured victims and did everything she could to prevent anyone from giving them first aid. Police say she attacked a paramedic who tried to treat the four-year-old girl, causing the paramedic to drop her.
The video shows Zhang in a hysterical state, even while the bloodied child is pulled from underneath the vehicle. The video shows Zhang lying in front of the ambulance taking the victims to the hospital, blocking its path. She removes her clothes. When a neighbor approaches her she threatens, "I will kill you."
After the four-year-old girl is placed in the ambulance Zhang tries to pull her out. Then she throws herself on the ground again in front of the ambulance, naked, to stop it from taking the victims to hospital. She refused to move, even after police arrived at the scene and pointed their guns at her, threatening to shoot.
The four-year-old girl died at the hospital, and her mother is in critical condition, The Huffington Post reports.
Beijing Shots reports Zhang Shih is a university teacher. She works at the College of Shandong Provincial Medical College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to her students, she teaches human anatomy, psychology and psychiatry.
She faces charges of murder, as well as attempted murder, and could be sentenced to death if found guilty. Daily Mail reports a prosecutor said: "This was no crime of passion. She stopped the two victims from receiving medical treatment for nearly half an hour."
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