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article imageFrom Vogue to Sherman's Clowns — Behind the eyes of Marc Jacobs

By Anthony Mallgren     Jun 29, 2012 in Lifestyle
FE12 was inspired by Marc's effort to return product accentuation to Vogue editors Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger, bringing their styles to life through his products. RE13 is another testament of how Marc handles good faith, this time from an advertiser.
Marc Jacobs has always produced top grade products. His mind seems to take an idea, a concept or a pattern and develop it to a point of refinement beyond what most people are capable of. Then, he uses the art of textiles and materials to bring it to life in a comfortable, standout manner that adds an additional component to the personality of its wearer.
His work is never just fabric to cover what would have gone bare. It literally persists itself in the identity of the employer of that idea. They wear it for a day, present themselves per the look/feel/pattern and walk away with another attitude, outlook or paradigm. This is what takes Marc above and beyond. What is more amazing is that his collections commonly include a diverse array of these wearable and self-persisting personality attributes.
FW12 - Seeds of Passion
While my press pass didn't allow me to speak with Marc directly, I was able to get access to those close to him. While I, and others among his collection viewers, misnomered his collection by throwing names such as "Barbie in Wonderland" or "A Mad Hatter Tea-Party" out, Marc was looking to Vogue editors Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger for inspiration.
Anna, who never wears the same outfit twice in public, fits right along with Marc's command of personality attribute persistence. Each day, she takes a unique presentation, internalizes the experience and stores it away inside herself to call upon it another day in an abstracted form.
Also known for her eccentric style, Lynn has distinguished herself not only through her journalistic accomplishments, but also through her manner of makeup application.
Both influences were well deserving of Marc's focused attention, and Marc was just to talent to add to the sense of existence of both of these ladies. He was able to realize their notable eccentricities and tendencies and deliver them as wearable personality attributes for others.
RE13 - The Tiny Car
Never failing to bring a diverse and well balanced set within whichever parameters he sets or that he is given, this collection does not disappoint. I found that I was speaking to myself among the strangers around me. "How many characters can he possibly pack into a little car? They just keep coming." I'm sure that they were more unique than nature's falling snowflakes.
After discovering the seed of inspiration for his latest collection, I also found that Cindy Sherman did indeed set the tone for his diversity. In 2006, she delivered a series of advertisements for Marc, so the favor of creative identification, acknowledgement and manifestation was returned to her with this collection.
Muscle Man Marc Doll
Never letting his talent to cause him to take himself too seriously, Marc collaborated with South Park Studios to create a Muscle Man Marc Doll.
While many people are demanding that they too be able to make Marc their plaything, just as Cartman did, there were only 500 made in full. If you are lucky, you may be able to pick up the limited edition spoof on or at MJ boutiques worldwide.
Innovation Outside of Textiles, Industry Talent Assimilation and Serving as Community Steward
Among his recent accomplishments, Marc again displayed his talent for general innovation, integrating environmentally friendly production with renewable resources. In March of 2012, Marc launched a pair of sunglasses in conjunction with the Nature Conservancy. They are bio-based and made of castor-oil seeds, protected in a re-purposed leather case.
Striving to pass his gift, knowledge and work onto posterity, carrying his legacy forth that so many cherish, Marc is serving as this year's patron of the Designer for Tomorrow initiative. Founded by Peek & Cloppenburg KG Duesseldorf in 2009, this award offers a stepping stone for young and emerging designers who wish to enter the fashion industry. The winner of the award will receive, aside from the honor of presenting at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, financial support, social media coaching, as well as back-end coaching at the Marc Jacobs Design Studio in Paris and New York.
Never failing to fully employ the proceeds of his disciplined work, his organization is also a proud supporter of amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS research, and has been for many many years now. People inside of his organization had this to say about their efforts regarding amfAR:
What they do is so incredibly inspiring, and as a part of the community, we always strive to give back and help out as much as we can. Our president/co-founder Robert Duffy has been honored with the Piaget Award for Inspiration at the annual amfAR NYC and Paris galas this year, a series of benefit events that have raised over $4 million for AIDS research.
As if tackling the issue of AIDS wasn't enough for Marc to be satisfied he was doing his part, he also took on funding initiatives for battling skin cancer. Perhaps one of the concessions Marc made upon approval of collaboration to create the Muscle Man Mark Doll, Marc called upon South Park characters, as well as many other celebrities and even some of his organization's employees, to star in their Protect the Skin You're In T-Shirt Series. An absolute success, they have raised over $4,000,000 to date.
After getting all this information back, it is easy to see why Marc couldn't cater to our questions himself. Perhaps he should self reflect for the inspiration of his next collection and use Krypton as his show set.
If you too would like to contact Marc, please use the following contact information:
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