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article imageOp-Ed: Muslim Brotherhood takes control of Egypt

By Eliot Elwar     Jun 29, 2012 in Politics
Muhammad Mursi, won the Egyptian presidential election on Sunday, 24 June 2012. Mursi begins the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to create an Islamic caliphate system throughout the Mideast with Jerusalem as its capital, while Egyptians celebrate his victory.
Demonstrators filled the streets in celebration over Mursi’s victory, while protesting the Egyptian court's dissolution of parliament. The military council plans to hand over power to the new president on Sunday, 1 July.
Fox News reports: Muslim Brotherhood-backed candidate Muhammad Mursi was declared the winner in Egypt's first free presidential election in history by the nation's elections commission. In Tahrir Square, the birthplace of the uprising, which overthrew autocratic President Hosni Mubarak, jubilant Mursi backers cried and kneeled on the ground during prayer. They danced, shot fireworks, and released doves in the air with Mursi's picture attached during their celebrations in the square.
The Times of Israel reports: A former Israeli ambassador to Egypt said “Israel must brace itself for a deeply problematic period in its relations with Egypt. Incoming president Mursi seeks the destruction of Israel. He wants to conquer Jerusalem.”
The Washington Times reports: The White House congratulated Islamist candidate Muhammad Mursi on his election victory as Egypt’s first freely elected president, calling it a milestone in the nation’s transformation to democracy. President Obama spoke with winner Mr. Mursi and defeated candidate Ahmed Shafiq after Egypt’s election commission confirmed that Mr. Mursi defeated Mr. Shafiq by 52 percent to 48 percent in the election.
A sad day has arrived in Egypt. The Egyptians have elected Muhammad Mursi and now the Muslim Brotherhood is in power. The Islamic caliphate theocracy has established the foundation to proliferate rapidly throughout the Mideast countries. The caliphate system will form very soon. Mursi will eventually behave like Hamas and he wants to take Jerusalem and make it the caliphate theocracy’s capital. This is the Muslim Brotherhood’s dream. The group with the greatest bloodlust to kill the Jews and Christians now controls Egypt.
A few Mideast analysts see this election as a war declaration against Israel because Mursi supporters are openly calling for killing the Jews and taking Jerusalem by force. These Egyptian celebrations mean that war against Israel is only a few months or years away. The huge rallies are echoes of past Nazis celebrations before and during the Second World War. The West now must work with a religiously-based regime in Egypt, one that holds to Islamic fundamentalism. When the Muslim Brotherhood members control the Egyptian military, they will terrorize any who oppose them. They will move to impose Sharia law on Egypt which means oppression for the Christians. All Egyptian Christians should flee from Egypt and they should never look back.
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