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article imageGreen Party US Pres candidate Jill Stein laments ObamaCare ruling

By Victoria N. Alexander     Jun 28, 2012 in Politics
Dr Jill Stein, Harvard-trained physician and leading advocate for single-payer Medicare for All, fears ObamaCare will mirror RomneyCare in Massachusetts.
Jill Stein has twice run against Mitt Romney for Governor of Massachusetts, in 2002 and 2010. Now running against both Romney and Obama for US president, Dr. Stein says she fears that Obama's health care law is, like Romney's health care plan, designed to benefit major insurance companies and will be disastrous for public health and the US economy.
As reported earlier today by Digital Journal, a supreme court ruling yesterday upheld an individual mandate, the centerpiece of the Obama health care law, requiring Americans to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. The court decided that the penalty could be considered a “tax” and is therefore constitutional. The decision does not make it clear that the mandate to purchase insurance from a private insurance company is also a tax and protected under the Constitution as such.
Today Dr. Stein released the following statement:
"As a physician, I've seen Romneycare in action in my home state of Massachusetts. Forty percent of the people who need health coverage find that it's still too expensive for them. And a quarter of the people who seek payments get denied by their private insurers. It has failed to control costs, and as a result they are raising co-pays and attacking public employee health plans. It's a fiscal and administrative nightmare, which has gutted public services in Massachusetts. Schemes developed by health industry lobbyists to enrich themselves will never take care of our real needs.”
Dr. Stein further urge voters to fight for
“a publicly administered non-profit system with no premiums, no deductibles, no co-pays and no co-insurance. This kind of system is proven. … And it can’t reasonably be challenged on constitutional grounds…. The real leadership on health reform is being shown at the state level where single-payer legislation is moving forward.”
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