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article imageEdgar Weltens: making music with a meaning Special

By Anne Sewell     Jun 28, 2012 in Entertainment
Mijas - Edgar Weltens is a talented musician and song-writer, making music that tells a story and has a real meaning. This article introduces both Edgar and his new rap song, "Stop the Poison".
Digital Journal interviewed Edgar Weltens to find out what he is all about.
DJ - Where were you born and how old are you?
Edgar - I was born in Holland in a city called Maastricht in 1982, so now I am thirty years old. I now live in southern Spain.
DJ - How long have you been making music?
Edgar - I have been making music seriously for about 8 years. Before that it was a hobby. It hasn't always been easy, as society is all about money, but I wouldn't change it for anything. Music has given me so much joy and really helped me grow in confidence.
DJ - What message are you trying to send with your music?
Edgar - The message I am sending out with my music is awareness about certain issues. Things that I see around me that don't seem fair or positive. I want the people to reconnect with their roots, the earth we live on.
Every single thing we do and have, is thanks to the earth. Even the laptop I am writing on right now essentially is made out of a mountain with rivers and birds, plants etc. Its bizarre but true.
There is no limit to what we can do, as long as we work together with nature and with each other.
I am also using my music to fight back against mainstream music. The music industry is big and powerful and uses all its power to brainwash and condition our younger generations, with messages of sex and materialism. Superficial world views, selfish attitudes and a huge disconnection from the earth. Kind of the opposite of what I stand for.
DJ - Do you work with others when making music?
Edgar - I have worked with others in the past and will certainly work with more people in the future.
I love working on my own, but when you work with other people it shows you new things. It opens your mind to different styles and it can be very inspiring. And there is also something magical that can happen when musicians play together. Some energy that can bounce around the rooms and give you goose bumps. Especially when you improvise and no one really knows whats coming.
DJ - What are you hopes for the future (musically and otherwise).
Edgar - For now my main hope musically is to reach more people. Ultimately music is for sharing, so I really hope to get a bigger audience.
Then I would like my music to give me enough income to be able to support my music. Making music can take a lot of time, and as I work with a lot of technology, things can get quite expensive.
As for hope in general, I would love for the world to become more honest and more connected. Not connected as in Facebook friends, but connected as in from the heart and the common knowledge that we are all in this together. One human family.
I would like the current hierarchy to fall and give way to the incredible potential that is being suppressed at the moment.
We all work so hard and put so much energy towards feeding this global financial system, that ultimately is self destructive. If you look into what is on the horizon - nano tech, quantum physics, knowledge like the slit experiment - you get to see that this world is stranger than we ever imagined and that in the end anything is possible! All we need to do is know where we want to go. There is really no limit. But before we can do this, we need to know our roots.
Edgar asks if you can listen to his new song in the video above and please give feedback in the comment section below.
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