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article imageOp-Ed: Lap of luxury nestles perception-based products

By Anthony Mallgren     Jun 27, 2012 in Lifestyle
As financial tides roll in and demand continues to grow, perception-building products are in demand. It is indeed time for people to "make up their mind" of what is important to them.
Luxury Markets Growing and Shifting
The merging of aesthetics and the ability to physically comfort any potential customer has always served as the pinnacle of achievement in the luxury goods market.
Resorts match the ambiance of the refined experience with the quality of the finest textiles, furniture and appliances.
Luxury automobiles carry you away in a sound dampened and smooth riding chamber with the delights of design. Perfectly balanced with true contrast, careful not to cause internal tension.
That is before we ever hit the true conquest of finding the clothing and accessories that accent our personality and wear on into eternity.
These goods were never in any doubt, which is confirmed by LVMH's growth, which is expected to continue, but a curious thing is occurring of late. The demand for mind molding products are outstripping products of the mind. Rather than looking for products that are effects of the mind, the masses are beginning to demand products that affect the mind.
Perhaps they believe the luxurious life is in the eye of the beholder, or perhaps luxury products of an acceptable nature are so plentiful that it is more effect to learn how to more fully appreciate these products.
Fraudulent Reach
According to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement report, seizure rates of fraudulent products, a metric telling of what the general population is reaching for, changed in numerous ways.
Footwear dropped from the top spot, which it has held since 2005, giving way to consumer electronics.
FY2011 was the first year that handbags/wallets/backpacks completely dropped from the list.
Top Luxury Connoisseurs
Larry Ellison's recent Purchase of an Entire Hawaiian Island speaks to the people's yearning for knowledge attainment and organization.
A massage is fast becoming an identifiable ambiguity in the world of luxury experience. Deep tissue body or mind?
While businesses have long been involved in the art, mass consumers are now wishing for the same mind molding tools to both adjust their perception and so they serve as agreeable company. Drive the Mercedes or walk with the articulate?
The war of the Ebook Readers waging alongside the more general tablets speak to not only a burgeoning entertainment industry, but recreational learning as well. We need not even mention the recent social network sites that have been offered to the public or purchased for billions of dollars.
Perception Formation Speed
A decisive dimension of competitive advantage is both the speed and quality of perception formation.
The iPhone has a well guarded market with it's robust perception delivery platform facilitated by the App Store.
Need to zone into a smooth graphic game to avoid taking on the menacing experience of public transportation? No problem, delivered in minutes on the 4G platform.
Need the latest financial news for a fresh conversation in the mundane CPA meeting? Grab an RSS mash up app.
But with the shift to cloud based operating systems for desktops, laptops and tablets, they too are again joining the quick perception formation and adjustment world just as well, not to be left behind by the mobile players. The Chrome Book and Windows 8 are battling for the more deliberate and focused portion of your perception.
Minding Principles
The top luxury products will always serve as a testament of appreciated discipline and the epitome of refinement. We will of course continue to cherish these trophies of accomplishment.
But in the world today, where credit markets and loose currency have placed a Rolls Royce at a higher reach, it is interesting to see how and where people are making trade offs. Is the instant world at your finger tips enough to keep your perception in an agreeable state, or is it worth it to fork out the extra dollars for the full environment?
It is looking like there is a definite shift and a re-prioritization. We may be looking at a turning point, where the most coveted position is a consumer version of a Bloomberg workstation. When faced with a decision between the new Air Jordan's or the latest generation of the iPhone, it is looking like the fruit of knowledge is making the transition from prince to king.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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