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article imageCoke and Pepsi contains a little bit of alcohol

By Owen Weldon     Jun 27, 2012 in Health
According to a study done in France, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have alcohol in them. More than half of the leading Cola brands contain alcohol.
The findings were most likely to cause concern among people who choose to drink the soft drinks for health and/or safety reasons.
According to Daily Mail, the National Institute of Consumption (INC), based in Paris, carried out the testing and came to the conclusion that more than half of the leading brands of Cola have traces of alcohol in their soft drinks.
According to Channels TV, the French Magazine that published the findings suggested that the levels of alcohol found in the soft drinks are as low as 10mg in every litre.
19 colas were tested and nine of the colas did not have alcohol in them. The brands that made those colas included Man U-Cola, Casino, Cora, Auchan and Leader Price.
The 10 colas that had traces of alcohol in them included Coke Zero, Pepsi Cola, Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Classic light.
According to GulfNews, Coca-Cola France gave an explanation about where the alcohol could come from. The company said that the alcohol could come from the process of making the secret recipe that goes into Coca-Cola.
Pepsi denied that some of their soft drinks contained alcohol due to the ingredient used to make their soft drinks.
Pepsi and Coca-Cola did suggest that traces of alcohol could be produced as a result of natural fruit that ferments.
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