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article imageObama, Biden, criticize Mitt Romney for creating jobs — overseas

By Marcus Hondro     Jun 27, 2012 in Politics
U.S. President Barack Obama took shots at the Republican's presumptive nominee for President, Mitt Romney, in Florida Tuesday. Obama accused Romney, a wealthy venture-capitalists, of increasing his wealth by out-sourcing American jobs.
And in Iowa, Vice-President Joe Biden, was on the campaign trial saying that Romney created jobs - in countries like "Singapore, China, India." Obama struck a similar theme at a fundraiser in Florida, claiming Romney made millions at the expense of American workers and that his policies would create prosperity for wealthy companies but not workers.
“Governor Romney and his allies believe we should go back to the top-down economics of the last decade. They believe that if we eliminate regulations and we cut taxes by trillions of dollars, we just leave the market alone, that everybody will prosper,’’ Obama said in Miami Beach. “They argue that if you help corporations and wealthy investors maximize their profits by whatever means necessary, whether it be layoffs or outsourcing, union busting or whatever means are available, that will automatically translate into jobs and prosperity to benefit everybody.’’
Obama, Biden attack Bain Capital
Biden brought up news reports from last week that he said clearly show Romney's Bain Capital took American jobs overseas and that in America they opposed wage increases for workers, and other benefits. The Romney campaign has argued these accusations are not entirely accurate, and that work done overseas is a manner of supporting U.S. exports.
On Tuesday the New York Times, in a story on the theme struck simultaneously by Obama and Biden, quoted an adviser to Romney, who the newspaper said was "speaking on the condition of anonymity in order to talk more freely about the campaign’s internal thinking." The Romney adviser told the the Times that there was an upside for Romney in the remarks of the Democrats.
“The backhanded side of this is a compliment, that Romney’s business acumen and history is relevant and is a legitimate credential,” the adviser said. “They’re saying that his business background is something you ought to pay attention to, and on that level, we like it.”
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