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article imageBangor, Maine prepares for possible zombie apocalypse

By Anne Sewell     Jun 26, 2012 in World
Bangor - If you are living in or near Bangor, Maine, fear not - preparations are tested and in place to protect you from a possible zombie apocalypse.
It seems that authorities in Maine are not taking any chances. Just weeks after the federal government publicly denied the existence of zombies, emergency officials in Maine have run a training exercise in preparation for a zombie apocalypse.
With Stephen King living in the area, who knows? Maybe they know something we don't.
In Bangor, approximately 100 emergency responders from eight different counties participated in the event.
The enacted scenario claimed that an an unknown virus, originating from Jamaica, had reached Maine, turning the infected into zombies. Once infected, the virus quickly spreads to the brain, and turns the host into a full-fledged zombie, who has only one thing on its mind: biting other people.
Emergency responders were armed with two "vaccines" - one to prevent the infection from reaching the brain, and one to bring the zombies back to life.
One official said, “We have identified in several states, particularly Texas, New York, Illinois outbreaks of these civil disturbances and biting. And in conjunction with that there are also widespread power outages.”
While this event was purely a staged one, with the locals playing zombies, it gave emergency responders an opportunity to prepare for a real life epidemic.
Kathy Knight, director of the Northeastern Maine Regional Resource Center told the Bangor Daily News, “This gives us the opportunity to do something a little bit different, but it still has the same principles that would apply in a real situation. Emergency workers need to figure out what they need, how they’re going to respond and how they are going to share their resources to respond to the disaster. They need to know who to go to outside their community to find the resources they don’t have, so it’s a different twist.”
Rumors of a “zombie apocalypse” have been on the rise after a series of disturbing incidents. As reported on Digital Journal, police in Florida caught a naked man chewing on the face of another person. They eventually shot him dead after unsuccessfully trying to push him away from the victim.
Another example is Alexander Kinyua, a 21-year-old Morgan State University student, who was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after admitting to killing and eating portions of his room mate's heart and brain.
And Digital Journal also reported a Swedish incident, where a professor ate his wife's lips.
However, there is nothing to worry about - the U.S. Center for Disease Control publicly denied the existence of zombies.
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