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article imageVideo: Watch Dad's terror on Dollywood ride but daughter loves it

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 25, 2012 in Internet
Watch Daddy lose his cool, flap his hands and scream "Never again, Grace Elizabeth!" on The Screaming Swing at the Dollywood amusement park, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, while his little girl enjoys the ride.
But Dad doesn't keep his promise to never again ride the barnstormer. As soon as the terrifying thrill ride ends, little Grace wants to go again and Dad gives in.
Brave Dad, anything for little Grace Elizabeth.
But watch Dad freak out again on the second ride while Grace Elizabeth enjoys herself.
The video was first posted to YouTube on June 13, 2011 by Bwinkeler1 and it has received almost 400,000 views.
Jezebel thinks Grace Elizabeth's dad is sweet. The Huffington Post commends Dad for enduring a second round of terror so his daughter can have all the fun she wants.
YouTube viewers are full of praises for this "adorable dad."
Marin5126 comments: "He really loves his daughter!"
The SeanWoody: "Awesome dad... scared of heights, but an awesome dad non the less."
Frigtartsxp: "awww, He is supersweet."
Grace Elizabeth's Daddy certainly deserves to be "Dad of the Year."
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