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article imageReview: UK Soap Coronation Street — Something fishy at McDonald's

By Jane Reynolds     Jun 25, 2012 in Entertainment
A 'sideways' review of the latest goings-on in Coronation Street, the popular British Soap Opera.
This post looks at episodes broadcast in the UK 18th-22nd June 2012
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
Dodgy proposals galore. Sunita proposes to Dev, Peter proposes Carla has a baby and Steve's proposal doesn't go down well with Tracy and Beth.
Not a lot of Corrie because of the football, but they packed a lot into those 60 minutes! Jason didn't need to go to Specsavers after all, and even managed to see past Eva's assets and work out (all by himself) that she was only flirting with him to make Nick jealous.
Let's have a baby. Er, let's not.
To be honest, I'm surprised he didn't turn his chair round to face Carla while he was waiting. HOW stunning did she look? It's just a pity she was clinging on to Peter like a lovesick teenager … right up until the moment he suggested them having a baby together, that is.
Luckily she hadn't just taken a big swig of her glass of red or she'd probably have choked on it or sprayed it all over his chest, but as the pair of them were back to black (I'm surprised we didn't have that playing in the background!), at least it wouldn't have shown.
She did her best not to laugh at his proposal but failed, and besides, Peter's worse than a baby and she'd have more than enough on her hands just trying to look after him.
He behaves like a two-year-old. Look at what's happened with Simon. Because Leanne's taken his 'toy' off him he just wants another one to replace it. It was so unfair of him to suggest he took Simon out for a burger on his very first night with her … AND on a school night … AND in front of Simon himself, but that's what Peter's like. It's all about him.
Taxi for Sunita
I thought it was all about to kick off when Eva had words with Karl about Sunita, but Sunita left and got a taxi home which (until we found out she'd stayed at a hotel the night before), looked as if she'd travelled the ten yards from the Rovers in!), and within two minutes had proposed to Dev.
And what a proposal it was. "I'll do anything to make it work. I'll even marry you," she sighed grudgingly. Brings a tear to the eye.
Eva did manage to put two and two together eventually and warned Sunita off. Does this mean the pair of them will get off scott-free? I guess it has to or it'll mean some big changes, because where would they both go if Dev and Stella threw them out for good?
Something fishy at McDonald's
If they were actually 'in luurve' with each other they could put in an offer on Steve's house. I was surprised to hear that Beth was both a kipper-eater and concerned about her Omega 3 intake. Not sure that's exactly credible, but who cares, as it meant we had the pair of them taking Steve on – which can only mean one thing: laughs.
"Ooh, what are we like? All girls together, aye?" Beth giggled when the Estate Agent came round with a viewing. This story is going to get funnier and I can't wait. Such good acting. Do you think we might get to see a bit of Craig too? We haven't seen him for weeks.
I loved how Steve and Tracy were having an 'exchange of views' then he picked up the phone and said "Streetcars?" in that soft, effeminate voice. Hilarious! Some lovely writing, but (like all the Soaps at the moment), we're a bit light on the old one-liners for my Grins of the Week:
Tracy: "I've come up with a plan."
Beth: "You're not going to whack him over the head with a statue of JLS, are you?"
Steve: "He just wants a word."
Stella: "I don't care if he wants to sing or do a little jig – I'm not interested."
Tracy: "I am Mrs Steve McDonald and you cannot sell that house without my agreement."
Steve: "I think you'll find that our twenty minutes of wedded bliss entitles you to precisely nothing."
Karl: "I'm eating humble pie."
Stella: "Yeah? Well I hope you choke on it."
PS Who was running the cab office when Steve locked up and went to the Rovers with Karl?
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