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article imageVideo: Henri the existentialist French cat goes to the vet

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 24, 2012 in Internet
Henri, the existentialist cat, rose to stardom in April, in a YouTube video in which he contemplates himself in a mirror, pondering the futility of existence as unending torture, and concludes, "we cannot escape ourselves." Now he is back, glum as ever.
In his April outing, we were introduced to the morosely broody personality of Henri, Le Chat Noir, grumpily reflecting on the absurdities of existence, especially the grueling torture of his solitary existence. In the video, Henri grumbles about life and wonders why he chooses to remain a "pet" when he could just walk away. He wails inwardly, ā€œIā€™m surrounded by morons."
But even at the height of his cussedness, he can't miss some of the positive aspects of existence, and as he gazes mournfully into the mirror, he concludes stoically, "I suppose that's my lot in life. To be watched endlessly, but never understood."
Now in the third installment of his series, he continues to battle with his unique feline depression. The video picks off from where the last one left off. Henri insists that nothing has changed for him in spite of his sudden Internet fame.
One would think that his self-induced existentialist ennui would be at least be partially lifted by an occasion for a change of scenery. He is visiting the vet. But Henri can only grouch about the "torture" of having to go through the same dreary routine over and over and over again. He tries to share his depressive thoughts with the vet: ā€œI try to tell the doctor about my depressive state and my growing disillusionment with the world, but he just checks for gumk in my ears.ā€
Henri laments moodily: "The 'doctor' cures nothing, but they keep sending me. The indignity is too much to bear."
He wonders to himself "Are my caretakers torturing me for their own amusement?"
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